April Gardening Tips

April Gardening Tips

As we reach peak planting season, Ellen Mary gives her top tips and advice for making the most of it.

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April is the month of colour, fragrance and a very busy month in the garden.

There are so many seeds to be sown this month, from Beetroot to Celeriac and Squashes to Salads, your greenhouse will be filled with seed trays and seedlings sprouting in no time.

Outside the soil will be warming up but if it isn't quite there yet, cover it over with fleece to keep it dry and warm ready for planting. It’s a packed month of gardening.

Weeds will start growing at this time of year so it’s a good idea to keep on top of them now. Hand weeding smaller weeds is ideal if you can, but also hoeing around your garden beds and allotment will help to keep everything under control. Little and often works great.

Tie in climbing roses, honeysuckle and clematis and anything that will eventually need support, put that in now so it's ready as the plant grows. If you wait until later it will be harder to add the support without damaging the plants.

When your Forsythia has finished flowering, it will be time to give it a prune. Cut it back to the strong, new shoots so they can provide you with flowers next year.

When your carrot seedlings are ready to be thinned out, try to do this in the evening times if possible because there will be less carrot root fly around. Plant carrots in a raised bed at least 60cm high as carrot root flies can not fly above that height. If you have sown directly in the ground, give them some cover with horticultural fleece.

It’s nesting season and birds will be busy looking for food, water and materials. Make sure there is plenty of natural food in your garden but also supplementary bird food to help out.

Give fruit trees, shrubs and roses a good mulch to feed them for the year ahead. It also helps to retain moisture, keep weeds at bay and improve the soil.

It’s time to mow and feed your lawn as it will be growing now to the stage it will need trimming. Don’t put your mower on a setting too low at this point as it will shock your law; trim it on a higher setting and go lower as the weeks go by.

Don’t forget we can still get frosts into early May, so ensure your seedlings and young, unestablished plants are well protected. Horticultural fleece and cloches can be used outside but of course if you have a Rhino Greenhouse, your plants will be well protected and the automatic vents will open up to allow air flow on warmer days.

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