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Welcome to the Rhino Garden Blog! We are part of a community of passionate gardeners sharing knowledge from horticultural experts and spreading the love of gardening. We hope to inspire and inform gardeners and nature lovers of all kinds. Whether you're sowing your first tomato seed, want to grow your own cut flowers for the dining table at home, just got your first greenhouse or are simply looking for some relaxing green-fingered reading, you'll find it all here. 

Alongside GYO guides, you'll also find real human stories from gardeners in our community and a holistic awareness of our place in the world, touching on environmentalism, wellbeing and an appreciation for the arts.

Autumn leaves in a wheelbarrow
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Ellen's November Gardening Jobs

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Everything You Need to Know About Propagation

14 efficient and eco-friendly gardening hacks
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14 efficient and eco-friendly gardening hacks

Digging up a flower bed
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How to Get Rid of Your Garden Waste

Watering can watering greenhouse crops
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Hosepipe Ban – Work Arounds and How to Keep Your Garden on Song

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Small Garden, Big Impact: Best Potted Plants for Small Gardens

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Gardening Mistakes and How to Rectify Them: Tips for a Successful Garden

Flowers growing in a raised garden bed
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9 of the Most Common Gardener Questions

garden plants
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A Guide to Allergy Friendly Gardening

Rhino Ultimate in a large garden
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Design and maintenance tips for large gardens

Rhino Greenhouse in garden
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Weed & Lawn Care: How to Keep your Lawn Healthy

Chillis being harvested
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Top Tips for Beginner Gardeners: How to Grow your Green Fingers