What to Grow in your Greenhouse in July

What to Grow in your Greenhouse in July

Learn what you can grow in your greenhouse in July and how to keep your greenhouse cool.

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Hello July!  With temperatures rising, the sun shining and your greenhouse full of beautiful plants, summer is in full swing! In this article we’re sharing some of the top plants to grow in your greenhouse this July, as well as sharing some great tips on how to utilise your Rhino Greenhouse for optimal growing.

What to Grow in July:


Lettuces are great to grow and plant in your greenhouse in July due to their continuous harvests throughout the year. Ready to harvest in as little as four weeks, growing lettuces in your greenhouse throughout the summer, will ensure that your summer salads are always fresh and crisp, perfect for a July BBQ.

French Beans

Favoring warm and dry locations, French beans will thrive in your greenhouse throughout July, making them the perfect plant to grow. Requiring consistent moisture, you’ll need to ensure that you are watering your French beans frequently, especially in the July heat. Maturing in just 8 weeks, French beans are a great plant to grow in July as they will be ready to harvest by late summer or the beginning of Autumn.


Like French beans, radishes can be planted in your greenhouse in July and ready to harvest in as little as 3 weeks, depending on the variation, after planting. Radishes are fast-growing low-maintenance plants, requiring regular watering and warm sunny conditions to thrive.


Herbs are amazing plants to plant in your greenhouse throughout July, and due to their short growing periods can be enjoyed within a number of weeks after planting, just in time for any late summer garden parties you may be hosting! Herbs are one of the easiest plants to grow, and appreciate the heat, humidity and protection of your greenhouse throughout the summer months.


Basil is the perfect plant to grow in your greenhouse, due to the fact it can be grown in multiple different ways, whether it be in trays, pots or directly into grow bags, Basil plants thrive in the warm, sunny conditions of your greenhouse. Whether you are growing your basil from seeds, or from a young plant, July offers the perfect conditions for your plants to thrive. Basil is a fast growing herb, with its leaves ready to harvest in as little as 3 weeks after planting. Once planted, Basil requires minimal maintenance to grow, just ensure you frequently water your Basil plant to avoid the soil from drying out in the hot heat of July, if you notice that your basil plant begins to flower unexpectedly, this could be a sign that the conditions are too dry for the plant.


Coriander plants thrive inside greenhouses, as they favour humid conditions to grow. In fact, Coriander planted inside a greenhouse often have much shorter growing periods, often ready to harvest within 2 to 3 weeks after planting. Coriander favours full sun, which is why your greenhouse is the ideal location for  your Coriander plants to grow, however they also thrive in partial shade. Similar to Basil, your coriander plant should be watered frequently to avoid the soil drying out. To maximise your supply of coriander throughout the summer, sow fresh coriander seeds every two weeks.


Rhino Greenhouse Tips:

Come rain or shine, July temperatures will impact the temperature within your greenhouse, making it reach upwards of 40°C in full sun. Therefore, it is crucial that you have the right tools on hand, to not only keep your greenhouse cool, but to also protect your plants from the July heat.


Adding shade to your greenhouse is essential in July, as regardless of the weather, your plants are at risk of being scorched, if not correctly protected. Creating shade in your greenhouse, whether through adding greenhouse blinds to the side or roof of your greenhouse, or using fleecing on the inside of your greenhouse to offer protection, is vital to not only keep your greenhouse cool, but protect your plants from the July heat.


Alongside offering shade to keep your greenhouse cool, maximising the amount of air flow within your greenhouse is key to optimising growth throughout July. One of the easiest ways to get air flowing throughout your greenhouse is by adding ventilation. All models of our Rhino Greenhouses offer a minimum of 2 ventilation options, ensuring that there is adequate air flow within your greenhouse. To further optimise the airflow within your greenhouse, consider using fans to further help control the temperature within your greenhouse.

For more inspiration on what you could be growing in your greenhouse in July, check out our wonderful friend Ellen Mary’s latest July post for Rhino Greenhouses Direct.


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