Rhino Greenhouse at Chelsea Flower Show 2024 Rhino Greenhouse at Chelsea Flower Show 2024

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British-made Strength and Elegance, Guaranteed for 25 Years

We created the Rhino to be everything a gardener needs from their greenhouse.

It’s why every Rhino greenhouse has more features as standard than any other greenhouse brand, and is made from the best materials available. They’re incredibly strong. Incredibly good looking. Packed with unique features including toughened safety glass, integrated base and automatic ventilation. And if that wasn't enough, we also deliver our Rhinos to addresses across the UK mainland for FREE.

Built and sold directly from our UK factory in Norfolk, so you can be reassured you’re buying from the experts, it’s no surprise Rhino is the nation’s Best Loved Greenhouse.



Our range of extra strong greenhouses are designed to suit gardens of all shapes and sizes, find the one that’s perfect for you.

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The original ultra-strong greenhouse, a great choice for any hobby gardener.

  • Integral Base
  • Toughened Glass
  • Strong Aluminium Frame
  • Great Ventilation
  • Solar-Powered Roof Vents
  • Accessible Entry
  • Hanging Basket Rails

Available in 6ft and 8ft wide, up to 12ft long.

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Our most popular range

Everything you get with the Rhino Classic, plus:

  • Even Stronger Bracing
  • Maximum Roof Ventilation
  • Fully Automatic Roof Ventilation
  • Optional Finials
  • More Colour Finishes
  • Storm Locks

Available in 6ft, 8ft, 10ft and 12ft wide, up to 20ft long.

Also available in Package Deals.

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The top of the range models, with everything included.

Everything you get with the Rhino Premium, plus:

  • Colour Finish as Standard
  • Streamlined Design
  • Sleek, cantilever action sliding doors
  • Additional Louvre Vents
  • Colour-coded aluminium downpipes
  • Door handles and lock
  • Finials as Standard
  • Installation Included

Some might say, the ultimate greenhouse. Available in 7ft and 9ft wide, up to 12ft long.

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Britain's Best-Loved Greenhouse

Rhino greenhouses are designed by and for gardeners. We want you to feel the joy of gardening, knowing your greenhouse will provide for you and your plants all year-round, come rain or shine.

That's why every Rhino greenhouse has an incredibly sturdy frame, with up to 60% more aluminium than regular greenhouses, capable of supporting half a tonne and more. The toughened safety glass is 4mm, 33% thicker than standard, and our unique Rhino locking system means it will never blow out. In fact the harder the wind is, the tighter the glass is held. Other greenhouses may be strong, or even extra strong but none of them are Rhino strong.

We include a heavy box section aluminium integral base and plenty of stainless steel anchors, so you can stand your Rhino straight on to firm, level soil, no need to spend £100s on building a slab base (though a Rhino is just at home on hardstanding too).

As standard, a Rhino comes with automatic roof vents and five-blade louvres to provide the air flow that’s so important for growing healthy plants, and built in guttering and downpipes to easily capture every precious drop of rain. And we sell a thoughtfully designed range of unique Rhino accessories to really make your Rhino your own, and give you an exciting growing environment with plenty of opportunities to innovate.

The Rhino Range

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Rhino Features

Automatic Roof Ventilation

How does it work? It's simple really! Each vent is fitted with an opener, which features a wax cylinder. The warmth of the sun melts the wax, causing it to expand, pushing the piston out and opening the vent. As it cools, it returns to a solid, contracting the piston, gently bringing the vent to a close.

Integral Base & Low Threshold

One of the things that makes Rhino greenhouses unique is the integral base and wheelchair-friendly threshold. Most greenhouses require the purchase of a separate base or the building of a brick plinth. With a Rhino, the base is part of the greenhouse structure itself, making it stronger and easier to install. The integral base also allows gardeners more groundwork options because our greenhouses can be built on a hardstanding base or prepared soil.

Toughened Safety Glass

We believe our 4mm toughened glass is the best glazing option for greenhouses. Alternatives like polycarbonate and horticultural glass are susceptible to the elements and create dangerous shards when broken. Toughened safety glass can take more impact without breaking and, if it does, will shatter into tiny pieces.

Glazing Beads & Glazing Bars

Rubber glazing beads are used on every Rhino greenhouse to secure the panes of glass. Unlike W-clips or spring clips, our beads ensure an airtight finish that, once installed, will hug the glass tightly in place no matter how hard the wind blows. This method also means we install long panes of glass that maximise light, avoiding small overlapping panes.

Ridge & Eave Bracing

You'll find every Rhino has extensive bracing at the eaves and ridge to give the frame as much strength as possible. The Classic comes with tubular bracing, while the Premium has an upgraded T-section bracing system.

Rainwater Collection

Every gardener knows the value of rainwater. Being less reliant on tap water is not only of benefit to your plants but the environment too. That’s why every Rhino comes with gutters and downpipes as standard. The metal gutters also double as additional eave bracing, giving extra support to the frame.

Hanging Basket Rails

As part of our mission to maximise the strength of our greenhouses, we install aluminium bars along the inside of the roof, between the door and gable end. But we also had the smart idea to make them functional as well as practical. By pre-drilling holes into the bar, they can be used to tie climbing plants or install hanging baskets.

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Floating Storage
Stylish, optional 1ft wide integral staging provides the extra space you'll need in springtime.