September Gardening Tips

September Gardening Tips

September is a great month to begin collecting seeds from your favourite plants to sow for more colour in the following years.

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Make sure it’s a dry, still day and have a few paper bags ready. It’s a simple and a free way to propagate more plants. Keep seeds cool and dry until it is time to sow them.

In Autumn we start to step up bird feeding so now is a good time to make sure all bird baths and feeding stations are given a good clean and replace any broken or damaged feeders to protect our feathered friends from disease. Store your seed in a safe, easy area for you to access even in icy conditions and away from where rodents can get access.

Autumn is the perfect time of year to create new beds and borders or shuffle around an existing space. As you look at planting out new perennials, think about how suitable they are to our garden wildlife. Single headed flowers in general are more attractive to insects than double blooms because the pollen is easier to access.

Planting bulbs in soil

Your bean and pea harvest will be coming to an end, so when you have finished picking them cut the plant to ground level and leave the roots in place allowing nitrogen to be slowly released as the roots break down. This form of nitrogen fixing is great for your soil and for planting Brassicas in the following year.

If you have a greenhouse make sure it gets a really good clean to prevent pests, such as Red Spider Mite, from taking over during the Winter, ensuring you are well prepared for seed sowing in Spring. Try using a chemical free garlic fumigator which releases garlic smoke into the greenhouse and kills off many pests and diseases.

Some crops will be coming to the end as we move into the Autumn harvest but don’t forget it will be time to plant out onion sets and garlic bulbs for a Spring crop, so start collecting the seed catalogues to get choosing! Try Sutton Seeds for some great varieties.

Keep picking those Autumn fruiting raspberries. There is nothing like a sweet raspberry pavlova made with freshly whipped cream and your own fresh raspberries. Leave the canes until next February before you cut them down to ground level.


Wildflower seeds can be sown during at this time for year ready to settle in for a colourful display next year. There are many different mixes available but a favourite of mine are Poppies and Cornflowers. The reds and blues look stunning together and are great for beneficial insects.

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