Raspberries in Autumn - Fruiting and Planting

Raspberries in Autumn - Fruiting and Planting

Hedgerows are filled with autumnal fruit and raspberries are a favourite for Ellen Mary. Tips for raspberry plant care during harvest time and planting.

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Where did the summer go? Or did it even arrive! Depending on where you are based, the weather will be variable but for most of us it really does feel like summer disappeared into months of edging into autumn and now it really does feel like autumn is in the air. Berries on the trees and apples falling fast and as deciduous shrubs start to drop their leaves, we know it’s time for autumn.

There's so much to celebrate during September, hopefully you’ve enjoyed an abundance of harvests from your Rhino Greenhouse and your kitchen garden along with plenty of colourful cut flowers. One of the best harvests right now has to be the fun of the forage in local hedgerows and the autumn fruiting raspberries. Ideal for a sweet treat on the allotment or to take home for a delicious dessert after a meal made with homegrown vegetables. If you have plenty, they can be frozen or made into jam. I like to add them to frozen fruit smoothie bags for an easy morning breakfast.

Raspberries like a sunny spot with fertile, well drained soil and autumn fruiting plants are so much easier to look after as you only need to cut them down to the ground each February. If the plants get overcrowded just cut some back in the summer.

Thinking ahead to your fruit patch next year, bare root raspberries and other fruit can be planted throughout the dormant period from November to March, so now is a really good time to start planning on what fruit you’d love to grow next year.

‘Autumn Bliss’ is a big cropper and ‘Polka’ has really sweet fruits, ‘Allgold’ is an interesting yellow variety that looks great, tastes good and ideal for an instant treat as you pick.

Enjoy September, we may even get that long awaited Indian summer.

Author: Ellen Mary
To read more about Ellen Mary, you can find her on social media and on her website - https://www.ellenmarygardening.co.uk/
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