November Gardening Tips

November Gardening Tips

As we near the end of the year it’s time to finally make sure tender plants are wrapped up for protection - just like us!

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Use horticultural fleece, bubble wrap and of course your greenhouse! It’s not just the summer months your Rhino Greenhouse can be put to good use, its also the perfect place to protect plants over the winter months.

From now until March its time to plant out bare root roses. They are much cheaper to pur-chase than fully grown roses and they can be in demand over this period, so order soon. I love rambling roses and definitely recommend Rose Albertine. It’s a really fast grower, full of pink, fragrant roses and lovely red stems. Just make sure you are prepared for the huge thorns!

There’s no need to put those hanging baskets away with so many plants to grow over Winter. Ornamental cabbages look great, along with Cyclamen and trailing Ivy. For a real burst of foliage colour, plant a mix of different Heuchera’s such as ‘Sugar Plum’, ‘Ginger Ale’ and ‘Lime Rickey’.

Young seedlings

It might be cold outside but make use of any bright space inside or in your greenhouse to grow some micro greens. All you need is a seed tray and compost plus seeds such as mustard, cress or pea shoots for some tasty winter cooking.

Take care of your strawberries to ensure you get plenty of sweet crops next year. It’s important to remove dead or diseased plants or leaves and makes sure the soil is weed free. If you have grown your plants with straw around, make sure there is still plenty of air circulation around the plants. Check, check and re-check for hedgehogs before lighting a bonfire. Ideally don’t build your bonfire in the days running up to the event as this gives hedgehogs the opportunity to hide beneath the wood and leaves. If you do it close to lighting it, there is less chance that something is hiding beneath. Consider growing trees, shrubs and plants that give Winter interest for garden birds. Berries are essential and habitats that give a home to insects as well. Whether you have plenty of natural food or not, it is still essential to provide supplementary food to help birds through the cold months.

Birds you may see in your gardens and woodlands at this time of year such as Robins, Tits and Finches, will all be looking for food and shelter. Ivy often gets a bad reputation but it is ideal for insects and birds for both feeding and roosting.

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