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Rhino Reservoir

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The Reservoir will transform a Rhino Free Standing Staging.

Designed specifically for use with a 2ft deep Rhino Free Standing Staging, this reservoir simply drops in the frame and holds around 35L of water. Used with capillary matting, it will keep your plants watered for days on end, which in a hot greenhouse is a miracle!

Please note that:
1) The image shows a reservoir within Rhino staging and the price shown here is for the reservoir only.

2) The staging and capillary matting is priced separately.

3) If you already have Rhino staging then you will also need a replacement tray, in which case please call or email the Sales Office before ordering the reservoir as there is an extra charge.

Rhino Reservoir

Top features
  • Keeps your plants watered for days
  • Requires Rhino Free Standing Staging
  • Requires Capillary Matting