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The Great British Rhino – extraordinary quality, affordable price!

A greenhouse that’s perfect for your plants, and looks elegant in your garden, is safe for you and your family and strong enough to withstand winter storms. Rhino greenhouses are made in Britain and have a 25 year guarantee. Amazing!

The Classic is our original Rhino greenhouse with an updated specification and more strength. Now also available in three gorgeous contemporary colours, The Rhino Classic gives you incredible quality at a budget price.

The Rhino Premium greenhouse takes the formidable strength of the Rhino Classic to the next level, with even better ventilation on every model. Safe and strong, the Premium provides the perfect growing environment. A pleasure to own, these greenhouses will add style and grace to any garden.

The New Rhino Ultimate greenhouse range blends added style with increased strength and greater build sophistication to create our best ever Rhino.

The Rhino Family Tree

When we designed the Rhino almost 20 years ago we wanted to create a better greenhouse at an affordable price. It had to be strong enough to withstand the worst of the British weather and be safe enough for all the family. We wanted it be a joy to own and a greenhouse we would be proud to have in our own gardens. 

Production started in an old wartime Nissen hut in Norfolk with just one employee, but with an awful lot of enthusiasm. As word spread and sales increased, we took over another hut, until eventually we occupied five units, forever moving aluminium from one to another as the parts went through the production process. In 2006, just before the banking crisis, we built our own purpose-designed factory and since then we haven’t looked back.

Over the years we have refined and improved the Rhino. It has become stronger and more elegant, possibly down to having the former Design Director at Lotus leading our design team. You might imagine that after designing the De Lorean and the Lotus Esprit, greenhouses might be a bit tame, but Colin revels in his role at the Rhino factory. Our first employee is still with us: Matt now runs the factory, and having worked in every single role is a real stickler for quality control.

Because our British-made Rhino is manufactured and sold direct from our factory to the public, we are able to offer a far higher quality greenhouse than you can buy elsewhere, at anywhere near Rhino prices. Quality and value are our watchwords.

The Rhino was voted ‘Britain’s favourite greenhouse’ in 2017. ‘Which’ magazine gave it a 96% rating and thousands of owners across the country, and as far afield as The Falklands, are proud to claim they have a Rhino in their garden.

What our customers say
makes us very happy
About the strength

David Miller described his Rhino as a “seriously solid piece of kit, the Rolls Royce of the greenhouse world”.

Peter Gilmore, living on an exposed hillside in N E Scotland, says he “cannot praise his Rhino highly enough”.

“My Rhino has restored my faith in British workmanship,” claimed Mr Custance of Swindon.

Falling in love with a Rhino

"Peace at last, my wife now lives in her greenhouse!” wrote Mark Harvey 

”I have waited 23 years for a greenhouse, my husband and I have a beer in it every afternoon to celebrate!” - Mrs Jenkins.

“I spend more time in mine than I do indoors!” Mrs Johnson, Derby.

Customer Service

“Great customer service - people really friendly and efficient, can't imagine buying anything else”

“This is the third time I have purchased. From Greenhouses Direct and the service remains consistently excellent.”

“Highly recommended, fantastic quality greenhouse, five star service.”

All anonymous, from Feefo