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Greenhouse Growing

Greenhouse Growing

Things to Consider when Buying a Greenhouse

Written by Georgie Matthews

All your frequently asked questions for those buying their first greenhouse, or those looking to upgrade.

read more 21/05/20
Gardening Tips

Using Propagators & Hardening Seedlings

Written by Eli Appleby Donald

How to use propagators to start your seedlings off and how to move them from propagator to greenhouse to outdoors.

read more 09/03/20
The Gardening Year

Autumn in the Greenhouse

Written by Ellen Mary

It is time to get cleaning! Brush the inside of the greenhouse with a soft brush and get into any cr ...

read more 12/10/18
Greenhouse Growing

Springtime in the Greenhouse

Written by Ellen Mary

Colourful springtime arrives full of daffodils, cherry blossom and an air of excitement. It’s a busy time of year for sowing, mowing, weeding and planting, full of anticipation of what’s to come. Don’t let the April showers or the possibility of late frosts dampen your spirits, get out in the garden and fully embrace spring – our springtime gardening tips will help you plan this busy time.

read more 09/03/18
The Gardening Year

Winter in the Greenhouse

Written by Ellen Mary

It will only be a month or two before you can start sowing more seeds as light levels increase, and ...

read more 09/02/18