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Shelves and Seedracks

In Spring and Autumn you’ll have so many seed trays sown with the next season’s plants that you’ll find it hard to move. A Rhino Seedrack will help you maximise your growing space. 

Available in two sizes to hold either 10 or 15 seed trays, the Seedracks are designed to suit the most popular seed trays, but as they all differ in design we also sell plastic trays in sets of 10 or 15 to fit the Seedrack, in the strength that you’d expect from a Rhino product. 

The Rhino shelves are perfectly designed to fit on the back wall and add another productive area to your greenhouse. The 10ins slatted shelves are perfect for both seed trays and pots.

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Seed Trays - pack of 10

£10.00 £9.00

Seed Trays - pack of 15

£14.00 £12.60

Rhino Slatted Shelf 10ins x 4ft

£39.00 £35.10

Rhino Slatted Shelf 10ins x 6ft

£49.00 £44.10

Did you know?

ALL Rhino Greenhouses have a 25 YEAR GUARANTEE!

Rhino SeedRack (10 tray version)

£59.00 £53.10

Rhino SeedRack (15 tray version)

£65.00 £58.50