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The Swallow Raven is made from Thermowood, which is manufactured from quality redwood pine, with 3mm toughened glass fitted as standard and many other features which are detailed in the accordions below.
Wooden Frame

The Swallow range of wooden greenhouses are made from Thermowood, which is manufactured from quality redwood pine. The process involves kiln drying the timber which is then put in a special oven, where a powerful compressor removes the air. The temperature is raised to 215°C, which bakes the timber.This natural, chemical free process seals the capillaries, destroys resins and proteins, and stabilises the timber.The benefits are that it can be left untreated as all bacteria is killed, resulting in an improved durability against decay. It also gives a consistent colour throughout the wood and paints really well – the finish lasting up to three times longer than it would otherwise.The frame is also protected by a strong plastic ‘U’ section damp barrier.


The Swallow Raven comes with 3mm toughened glass. Toughened safety glass is much more robust than horticultural glass. This means that the panes are really strong and much more able to withstand accidental damage.In the event of a breakage, a pane of toughened glass will break safely into many small pieces, rather than producing the hazardous shards that you get with the standard horticultural glass.


The Swallow Raven 8x16 greenhouse comes with four roof vents and automatic roof vent openers as standard, for convenience and automatically controlled ventilation.    

Double Door

The double inward opening doors give great access for barrows and wheelchairs, and have a mortice lock and key for added security.

5 Year Guarantee

Every Swallow greenhouse that leaves the factory is made with care and attention to detail, and backed by a 5 year guarantee – so you know that you are buying a product that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Width (W)
8ft 9ins
Length (L)
16ft 9ins
Ridge (R)
8ft 9ins
Eaves (E)
5ft 8ins
Door (D)
6ft 6ins
Doorway (O)
3ft 11ins

Free Delivery to England and Wales

Current Lead times for Swallow Greenhouses are as follows:

  • Oiled Buildings: 8-12 weeks
  • Painted Buildings: 8-12 weeks
  • Delivery to Scotland, Devon & Cornwall: 8-12 weeks

Swallow Greenhouses UK Delivery MapSwallow UK Delivery Van 

Free delivery is available to all green map areas (see above) and includes any accessories ordered with the greenhouse. All Swallow greenhouses are delivered and installed by Swallow. Once an order has been placed, we hand over the reigns to Swallow to organise delivery and installation of your greenhouse - they will get in touch with you to discuss.

Please contact Swallow Greenhouses directly to discuss any delivery queries.

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