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Explore inside a Rhino

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A Rhino is so well made and finished that it deserves to be a feature in your garden, rather than hidden away. And our Rhino Ultimate sets the standard even higher.

Elegant Finishes - Coloured Frame & Finials Included

The looks and quality of the Ultimate set it apart. Utilitarian components have been attractively redesigned to blend in, adding to its appeal with stylish touches abound throughout – from the decorative ridge finials and cast eaves corner joints to the ‘smoothline’ doors with their sophisticated latch/lock mechanism and luxury ‘floating’ handles.

Everything has been given care and attention to make the Ultimate truly a greenhouse to be proud of. 

Louvre Vents & Automatic Roof Ventilation

Included in the price of this greenhouse are:

  • 2 Large Double Roof Vents
  • 4 Side Louvre Vents
  • 4 Automatic Roof Vent Openers
  • Storm Locks

Our Rhino Ultimate greenhouses, like our Premium range, are fitted with as much roof ventilation as possible. Double roof vents are fitted to make sure the maximum area is achieved. This means our Rhinos are the most ventilated greenhouses in their class on the market. And better still, all the roof vents are controlled by solar-powered automatic vent openers.

Large double roof vents

Vents on our Rhino Ultimates are also fitted with storm locks, allowing vents to be secured down. This is ideal when bad weather is expected, allowing the entire structure to be made airtight. Note that it is important to disengage the vents before putting the storm locks into position, to avoid causing any damage to the openers.

storm locks

The high quality Rhino five-blade louvre vents allow you to take complete control of your ventilation, allowing cool air to enter from the side, circulate up through the greenhouse forcing air to escape through the roof vents. Optimal circulation can only be achieved through a combination of roof vents and side louvres.

Louvre vents

Adequate ventilation is absolutely crucial to successful growing under glass. There is not another greenhouse on the market that has more ventilation than a Rhino. Better still, it's all included in the price.

We've produced a handy guide explaining why ventilation is so important and how to optimise your greenhouse temperature.

4mm Toughened Glass – strong and safe

Keep yourself and your family safe with Rhino's combination glazing system: Toughened Safety Glass and Rubber Glazing Beads. Perfect for exposed locations and families with young children and pets.

Rhino Tuff 4mm toughened safety glass is 33% thicker than most greenhouse glass and comes as standard with every Rhino greenhouse. The panes are designed with safety in mind, meaning breakages are less likely while ensuring that, if broken, the glass will shatter into lots of tiny pieces rather than big shards that are far more likely to cause injury. Even the edges of the glass are rounded so that you don’t cut yourself during installation. And with Grade A glass, you can achieve ultimate clarity for maximum light.

glazing panels

The unique Rhino glazing system locks each pane of glass in place along its entire length, using long rubber beads. The glass cannot be blown or sucked out of the frame and pushing on the glass only locks the beads more tightly into the frame, making it ideally engineered for high winds and other extreme weather conditions. With Rhino's glazing method, each pane becomes integral to the strength of the whole frame.

glazing beads for Rhino greenhouses

When compared with the glazing that comes as standard on most greenhouses, the Rhino ranges come up trumps every time. No dangerous horticultural glass or flimsy W-clips here; and with the smooth finish achieved by our glazing beads, there's no need for bar capping either.

Click here to read more about greenhouse glazing options and the difference between standard glazing and the Rhino Tuff glazing system.

Super Strong Frame – The Ultimate Rhino!

Designed with perfectly balanced proportions employing strengthened framework, allowing the removal of side bracing, to reveal clean, uncluttered lines. And with the addition of carefully crafted box section ridge bracing, the result is a brilliant synthesis of amazing strength and eye-pleasing looks.

The Rhino Ultimate enjoys:

  • Super strong box section aluminium frame
  • Extra secure beaded glazing system
  • Robust integral base – no need for brickwork
  • Sturdy, smooth running lockable doors
  • Cast metal corner joints and gutter ends
  • Larger, stronger eaves and ridge plates
  • Stainless steel ridge brace brackets
  • Larger aluminium gutters and downpipes

Integral Base – stronger and great access

The integral aluminium base provides a strong, durable, maintenance-free foundation and allows installation straight onto firm, level soil with no need for an expensive concrete base.

Strong, stainless steel ground anchors are concreted in to hold the greenhouse in position. The base can also sit on concrete or bricks, in which case the ground anchors double as fixing brackets.

The Rhino Ultimate can also be erected on a hardstanding of concrete or paving slabs, in which case the stainless steel anchors are fixed using the fixings provided.

An ultra low door threshold incorporating a wide ramp ensures easy access for barrows, trolleys and wheelchairs.

Wheelbarrow Access

Smoothline Doors & Handles

Built for ultimate elegance, each Rhino Ultimate features 'smoothline' doors run on an ingenious, patented cantilever system which is effortless, durable and eliminates the long, unsightly support tracks you commonly see on other greenhouses.

With the Ultimate the doors also feature our innovative 'floating' handles fixed through the large 4mm thick toughened safety glass panels, as well as a high quality key operated chrome lock.

Floating handles and lock

Rainwater Collection

The Rhino Ultimate greenhouse also comes with extra- large integral gutters with 20% more capacity & colour-coded aluminium downpipes.

Colour matched guttering

25 Year Guarantee – they're that good

Nothing says more about the quality of a Rhino greenhouse than our 25 Year Guarantee.

A generation of gardeners can rest assured that the frame and even the powder coated colour finish are covered, in the unlikely event that the greenhouse fails.

Base Preparation

Our Rhino greenhouses offer great flexibility when it comes to base options. Unlike most other greenhouse brands, our Rhinos can be erected on soil. This is only due to the strength created by its sturdy base and framework. As long as it is level and fully compacted, in most situations soil is the perfect solution.

Alternatively, hardstanding bases are also suitable. As long as they're smooth and level, paving slabs, concrete bases and brick or block perimeter plinths can also be used.

More information regarding base preparation and base plans for Rhino greenhouses is also available.

This Rhino Ultimate greenhouse stands at 7ft 6ins wide and 8ft 4ins long with a ridge height of 8ft 7ins.

Width (W)
7ft 6ins (2.28 metres)
Length (L)
8ft 4ins (2.54 metres)
Ridge (R)
8ft 7ins (2.61 metres)
Eaves (E)
5ft 5ins (1.65 metres)
Door (D)
6ft 4ins (1.93 metres)
Doorway (O)
2ft 9ins (0.83 metres)

*Installation is included with every Rhino Ultimate, so we'll organise everything for you!

*Free installation is for greenhouse build only.

More information regarding base preparation and base plans for Rhino greenhouses are also available.

Free Delivery to UK Mainland

Lead times for Rhino Greenhouses are currently
Rhino Classic & Rhino Premium: 2-6 weeks
Rhino Ultimate: 4-8 weeks

Rhino UK Delivery MapRhino Delivery Lorry 

Free delivery is available to all green map areas (see above) and includes any accessories ordered with the greenhouse. The delivery team will contact you around 3 weeks prior to delivery to confirm the delivery date. Our deliveries will usually arrive on a standard lorry, unless alternative arrangements need to be made.

Once an order is confirmed, you will also receive a 'Help the Driver' form to provide additional guidance to our delivery team. This form will address queries concerning health and safety, remote locations and those who require delivery on a smaller vehicle (see image below).

If you do not live in the green map area or wish to delay your delivery, please contact our Sales team to discuss.

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Rhino Delivery Van

A Rhino Greenhouses Employee in our warehouse

Every Rhino greenhouse is made in our very own factory in Norfolk, where we manufacture over half a million different parts a year, each one produced to our exacting standards and meeting our strict quality control systems.

Our dedicated staff really care about the Rhinos they produce, and many of them have been making Rhinos since we began – it’s this pride that helps make our Rhino greenhouses strong, high quality and great value.

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