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Here you'll find answers to frequently answered questions about Swallow greenhouses. 

This page is specific to Swallow, so if you're looking for information about a different brand, please select an option from the list below:

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Swallow Ranges & Stock Availability

Swallow Kingfisher Available; Lead time 8-12 weeks
Swallow Raven Available; Lead time 8-12 weeks
Swallow Kingfisher Combi Available; Lead time 8-12 weeks
Swallow Raven Combi Available; Lead time 8-12 weeks


Download a brochure here

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Contact Swallow


All Enquiries (delivery, sales, installation, spare parts):

01709 701 999 | sales@swallowgbltd.co.uk



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Free Delivery & Installation

Current Lead Times are as follows:

  • Oiled Buildings: 8-12 weeks
  • Painted Buildings: 8-12 weeks
  • Delivery to Scotland, Devon & Cornwall: 8-12 weeks

Free Delivery Area: England and Wales

Free delivery is available to all areas highlighted in green on the map below.

Swallow greenhouses free delivery areas shown in green

All orders are delivered and installed directly by Swallow onto a pre-prepared base using a Transit-type pickup lorry as pictured below.

Once your order is placed with us, we pass it to Swallow, who will liaise with you directly. They will arrange the delivery and installation of your greenhouse.

There must be clear access for the sections of the greenhouse to be carried to the site. It is the customer's responsibility to prepare a suitable base in advance of delivery and installation. See information about Bases below.

Swallow delivery vans

If you have any queries about your delivery and installation, please contact Swallow.


5-Year Guarantee

Every Swallow greenhouse is made with care and attention to detail and comes backed with a 5-year guarantee.


Swallow Greenhouse Bases

There must be a suitable base so that Swallow can erect the greenhouse.

Option 1: Soil

At a minimum, this could be firmly compacted soil. Take into account the quality of soil at the site as well as climate conditions in your area.

Option 2: Hard-Standing

For longevity and stability, a concrete, brick or block base of the correct size is recommended. 

Option 3: Dwarf Wall

A dwarf wall can be built but measurements should be taken upon advisement from Swallow.

(NB: sizes quoted on our website or in our sales literature are often nominal and should not be used for exact site and base preparation. Please contact Swallow for more details or refer to their Brochure.)



Thermowood Frame

All Swallow greenhouses are made from sustainably sourced redwood pine, which has been treated using Thermowood technology – a chemical free process.

The timber is dried in a kiln and then placed in a special oven where a powerful compressor removes the air. The high heat, combined with compression, seals the capillaries in the wood and destroys any resins or proteins that would otherwise cause the timber to denature. The wood is left more durable and stable and has reduced thermal conductivity.

Toughened Safety Glass

All Swallow greenhouses are fitted with 3mm toughened glass as standard, making them less likely to break and less dangerous when they do.

Colour Finishes

Thanks to the Thermowood treatment, the timbers have a very consistent colour, which means they take on a painted finish much more evenly than other types of wood, while the finish lasts up to 3 times longer.