Creative Uses of Greenhouses

Greenhouses offer a genuinely versatile space that has a whole host of more creative uses - think outside the box and you could create a unique space in your garden. Here are some of our favourite creative uses of greenhouses:


Beautiful Interiors:

Special Occasions:



Unusual Plants:


Clever Ideas:


Sarah Hearn's impressive hydroponic towers make room for potentially hundreds more plants by using the vertical space and encouraging long root growth into water instead of soil.

Nicolas Goodden has strung up a section of guttering from the hanging basket rails in his Rhino to use as handy seedtrays or for shallow planters - and the strawberries absolutely love it.

Rob Carling has used hung a wooden trellis from the hanging basket rails with small-linked chains. This makes it easy to remove when it's not needed and allows more light to penetrate to the staging below.

Gill Ferguson is making expert use of the slatted integral staging in her Rhino to dry out her onions.

Duncan Baird has trained a grape vine to grow through up inside his Rhino greenhouse, using all that extra box-section bracing for support. During the summer months, the foliage grows creating natural dappled shade inside the greenhouse.