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Ellen's November Gardening Jobs

It’s one of my favourite times of year with the captivating colour changes in the trees and stunning seedheads and bare stems giving structure to a less busy garden.

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After a warm start to autumn the weather soon took a dramatic turn with torrential rain and the first frost over the past few weeks meaning November has arrived in true autumnal style. It’s one of my favourite times of year with the captivating colour changes in the trees and stunning seedheads and bare stems giving structure to a less busy garden. Despite there being a little less to do and a lot of stormy weather, as we head deeper into winter, there are still lots of jobs to keep us gardeners plenty busy enough on the calmer days. Here’s my top tips for November.


It’s time to lift or leave! I leave mine in a sandy soil with a heavy mulch after cutting back at around the first frosts which I have done for over 15 years. They can be left in heavier soils but if you want to be totally sure lift them, brush them off, let them dry and store in a safe, dry place. Keep a check on them over winter for any signs of rotting.


Those leafy greens don’t just looking tasty to you, but pigeons and other hungry wildlife will be wanting to munch on them as well so I recommend protecting them with some netting. Make sure the netting is secure and birds can’t get in but not back out again. In my vlog you will see mine are in a brassica cage which is also pegged down.


Replenish your soil and limit weed growth by mulching. This is a job that can be left until spring but I much prefer to do this in autumn since there’s always so much to do in springtime. Plus the winter weather will help to get those all important nutrients down into the soil where the worms will incorporate it nicely and your soil will be ready for planting in next year.


Any plants that could get blown over should be supported now before the weather gets too windy or too cold that you don’t want to go outside to do it!


If you haven’t already give your Rhino Greenhouse a good clean out, scrub in all the nooks and crannies, clean the glass and why not scrub your pots, modules and trays as well ready to store for use next spring.

Planting Bulbs

A favourite job of mine! Brings so much hope for springtime and I just love choosing what to grow from the selection in my local garden centre. Most bulbs can be planted now but Tulips can be planted through to Christmas as long as the ground isn’t waterlogged or frozen. Always read the instructions and plant to the recommended depth.

Protect Plants

If you have any plants that need protecting, move them inside your Rhino Greenhouse before the temperature dips. If it gets extremely cold outside consider using a layer of horticultural fleece as well. Even packaging such as bubble wrap can be used inside the greenhouse to keep your precious plants warm.

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