30 Stem Challenge

30 Stem Challenge

Fran is encouraging us to go out into outdoors - however you can - and find what flowers are blooming to make your own arrangements at home.

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With spring flowers picking up speed you would be surprised how many flowers are blooming in your garden.

Wherever you are in the UK, I would love to think that you are able to walk into your garden or outside and pick a bunch of flowers. Running a working cutting garden, I have noticed that cutting can promote further growth, and I can end up with healthier and more floriferous plants, unless of course, the plant is being entirely sacrificed for its flowers.

This week, I have decided to walk round the garden, and Rhino greenhouse, and pick 30 stems of flowers and foliage, and put them together. I have focused on daffodils and narcissus (Cheerfulness and Minnow) in whites and creams, with blues from some anenomes and muscari, and hints of orange from a solitary tulip. A stem of honesty also made its way into the bunch.

I picked the flowers yesterday, separated out the daffodils (to drain the toxic sap) and put them all in separate jars of water overnight.

For foliage I used long stems of quince, euphorbia and euonymous.

As a demonstration I have shown how to make two arrangements. First of all, I used a blue jug, added water, and used the foliage stems to form a matrix which I then used for positioning and supporting the flower stems. I started with the larger flower stems working down to the smaller ones which were added last of all.

The next vase/dish I used was for more of an arrangement. I don't use oasis as I prefer options that are more plastic free and reusable such as a frog and chicken wire. I placed these in the vase with water, and cut and placed the foliage stems, to be followed by the larger flower stems, finishing with the smaller ones.

The finished arrangement isn't perfect, and I can see flaws, but it has air in it, and I feel so much better for playing with some flowers. When I walk past them in the hall I can smell the beautifully fragrant Cheerfulness, and as the days pass the flowers will open out further - I will love seeing it every time.

There is a #30stemchallenge on instagram. Have a go, join in and show us your beautiful flowers. Tag us in @ladidardyflowers and @rhinogreenhouses

We always love to see what you are growing.

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