What To Do with Your Christmas Tree Post-Christmas

What To Do with Your Christmas Tree Post-Christmas

Artificial trees can go back into the loft for another year, but the real ones deserve a more exciting and eco-friendly fate. From replanting your tree to using it as compost or using it for DIY projects, there are lots of ideas to keep you busy during that boring post-Christmas slump.

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As the twinkling lights of the festive season slowly fade into the distance, you’ll soon find it’s time for all green-thumbed enthusiasts to turn their attention to the tired Christmas tree. After all, no one wants to kick off the new year with a woody eyesore cramping their interior style! Fear not, dear gardeners, for we have crafted a brilliant guide on what to do with your Christmas tree post-Christmas. Artificial trees can go back into the loft for another year, but the real ones deserve a more exciting and eco-friendly fate. From replanting your tree to using it as compost or using it for DIY projects, there are lots of ideas to keep you busy during that boring post-Christmas slump.

Christmas tree fallen over on the snow


Replanting your Christmas tree

For those who fancy keeping the festive spirit alive in your garden, why not consider replanting your Christmas tree? You can then use it again year after year, and the tree will practically become part of the family. Here's how you can do it:

  • Pick a prime spot: Take the time to research your tree species and find the optimal location in your garden. Different trees have varying sunlight and soil requirements, so tailor the spot accordingly. Generally, a sunny, well-drained location in your garden is the perfect new home for your tree – no shady business here!
  • Ditch the decorations: Strip your tree of all its festive finery – tinsel, baubles and twinkling lights – and let it embrace its natural beauty.
  • Dig a deep hole: Dig a hole double the width of your tree's root ball and just as deep. It's like creating a comfy bed for your evergreen companion. Before digging the hole, consider mixing some well-rotted manure or compost into the soil. This provides essential nutrients for your tree's growth in its new home.
  • Water, water, everywhere: Give your tree a hearty watering after settling it into its new abode. Then, mulch it with organic goodness to keep it cosy. Mulch should be applied a couple of inches thick but avoid burying the tree stem. Mulch will help to reduce weeds, cool soil temperatures, and promote water retention. You may have collected some fallen needles from your tree while it was inside your home – this is perfect for use as mulch.

Replanting your Christmas tree is like giving it a one-way ticket to horticultural happiness. Plus, every time you glance at it, you'll be reminded of those precious festive memories. When next Christmas rolls around, you’ll be able to simply pop out to the garden and chop down the tree for another day of decorating. If you’ve taken good care of it, the tree will be even bigger and greener.


Transform your tree into mulch and compost

If a permanent tree in your garden feels like too much commitment, fear not! Simply turn your Christmas tree into mulch and compost – it's like a feast for your flowers and plants.

Here's how to do it:

  • Branch out with some shredding: Get your hands on a woodchipper or a pruner and shred those branches into bite-sized pieces to use as mulch. Think of it as a green snack for your garden.
  • Create some compost: Evergreen needles take their sweet time decomposing, making them the VIPs (Very Important Plant-feeders) in your compost pile. Their acidity adds a dash of essential nutrients to the mix.
  • Transform the trunk: Chop the trunk into manageable bits and toss them into your compost bin. That trunk will break down, enriching your compost.


Repurpose the wood: DIY delights

Now, let's get crafty with that sturdy Christmas tree wood. Bring a touch of sustainability to your garden with these clever ideas:

  • Make some trunk coasters: Slice that trunk into thin disks and get your creative juices flowing. Consider adding a protective sealant to prevent moisture damage. Get imaginative with paint or wood-burning techniques for a personalised touch – they make wonderful housewarming gifts.
  • Create edging: Cut the tree’s branches into small sections to create natural garden edging. Bury them partially along your garden beds, creating an aesthetically pleasing border.
  • Make garden plant markers: Use larger trunk sections to craft durable plant markers. Write or engrave your plant names for a touch of country rustic. If using paint, make sure it’s weather-proof.
  • Feed the birds: Attach small branches horizontally to the trunk, creating a delightful bird feeder stand for your feathered friends.
  • Crafting some Christmas decorations for next year: Preserve a piece of your Christmas tree by crafting ornaments from it for the next festive season. Cut small sections of the trunk and branches, sand them down, and paint or embellish them to create beautifully unique decorations.
  • Be a fire starter: Have a fireplace or wood-burning stove? Allow the trunk to dry for several months. This ensures efficient burning and reduces the risk of creosote buildup in your chimney. Chop the trunk into lengths for a sustainable firewood supply. Your Christmas tree will then continue to bring warmth into your home throughout the chilly months. You can also bundle up trimmed branches and use them as aromatic fire starters. The pleasant scent of evergreen adds to the experience.

Those dreaded post-holiday blues can be avoided by keeping yourself busy and giving your Christmas tree a new lease of life. Whether you're replanting it, turning it into mulch and compost, or crafting DIY wonders from its wood, you're not just caring for your garden – you're contributing to a more sustainable future. As the new year approaches, let your Christmas tree symbolise not just the joy of the festive season but a commitment to nurturing your garden.

We hope you enjoy using this guide and can repurpose your Christmas tree post-Christmas. Be sure to check out our other online guides for inspiration and information on all things green.

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