Springtime in the Greenhouse

Springtime in the Greenhouse

Colourful springtime arrives full of daffodils, cherry blossom and an air of excitement. It’s a busy time of year for sowing, mowing, weeding and planting, full of anticipation of what’s to come. Don’t let the April showers or the possibility of late frosts dampen your spirits, get out in the garden and fully embrace spring – our springtime gardening tips will help you plan this busy time.

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Make sure there is adequate ventilation by opening windows and doors during the warmer times in the day, which can start as early as February. This will help to prevent a build up of pests, diseases and stop plants from wilting in the greenhouse heat. The evenings will still be too cold for some plants so don’t forget to close them back up again. Automatic vents will come into action which are a great help if you forget to open the door.

Get your packets of seeds out and start sowing salads such as spring onion, lettuce and radish in the greenhouse. You will enjoy picking them very early in the growing season by starting to sow from spring. Plus as the days get brighter and warmer, you’ll be needing plenty of seed trays to get growing again, seed racks and shelves are a great space saver. Spring is the season when it all begins again so it is time to sow brassicas, squash, tomatoes, celeriac and so much more, so get out in the greenhouse!

It’s a good time of year to prepare everything you need for the months ahead. Give your greenhouse one last good clean, place pots and tools where you can easily reach them, put up your supports for tall growing plants such as tomatoes and makes sure you have water easily accessible with a water butt close by and a water reservoir under your staging. Both are great devices to use water wisely.

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