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Great and exciting plants to grow in your office

Office looking a little lacklustre? Bring it to life with some thriving indoor plants. Not only do houseplants look good, they do good too.

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Office looking a little lacklustre? Bring it to life with some thriving indoor plants. Not only do houseplants look good, they do good too. They naturally filter toxins in the air, improving the air quality in your space. They also help reduce stress and anxiety, which is perfect when your schedule is full-on.

Quick take: What’s the best plant for an office?

Either opt for a Snake Plant (Dracaena) for their low maintenance requirements or English Ivy for their air-purifying properties.

Need to get your creative juices flowing? Colourful plants and flowers are also known to boost creativity. Plus, stocking up your office on plants can help to reduce energy consumption (yep, really); as plants breathe, they raise humidity levels, lowering the temperature of your space.

Here, we breakdown popular choices for office plants into the following categories: 

  • Low-maintenance office plants
  • Air-purifying office plants
  • Mood-boosting office plants
Long row of meeting desks with plants


Best Low-Maintenance Office Plants 

For the workplace, you’ll want to look for low-maintenance plants. Look out for species that don’t require watering often and can flourish with little natural light (depending on what your space offers). It’s also a good idea to choose types that don’t need too much fuss as they grow – plants that don’t require regular repotting or pruning are ideal for when you’re hard at work.

Here are some great low-maintenance office plants you could try…

  • Snake plants – Also known as Dracaena, grow slowly and won’t take over your space. They also require very little natural light and only need watering once a week. Otherwise, simply dust the leaves as necessary to keep them glossy. 
  • Spider plants – Spider plants are another rewarding species. To watch them thrive, keep the soil moist rather than wet and try to place it in the sun. Also, re-pot if the roots show above the soil. 
  • ZZ plants – The zamioculcas zamiifolia is a type of succulent, so they’re hardy enough to grow on your desk. They can live with little water and no natural light. 
  • Philodendron – This hanging plant looks beautiful sitting on a top shelf. It must be watered once a week, but if that’s too much, you can invest in a self-watering pot.


Great Air-Purifying Office Plants 

Breathe easily with office plants that remove toxins from the air. These potted lovelies help to refresh your senses by naturally filtering impurities from the air. They’re perfect for offices with air conditioning or low ventilation.

Here are some easy purifying plants to spruce up your office...

  • Peace lilies – These lilies have a soothing quality about them. They symbolise hope and healing, making them perfect for placing on your desk for some inspiration. They’re hardy, too, and grow better when under-watered than with too much moisture. If the lily droops, it’s a sign to give it water. It’s also worth noting that these are toxic to pets, so should be kept away from office cats and dogs.
  • Pothos – This fast-growing hanging plant is glossy and shiny for placing on your filing cabinet. Keep the soil moist and try to leave it in direct light if possible. 
  • English ivy – Another simple yet purifying plant, the English ivy can thrive with minimal light and only needs watering when the soil becomes dry. 
  • Aloe vera – Aloe is known for its soothing qualities, and this plant purifies the air of toxins like those found in paint and cleaning products. Water every couple of weeks and enjoy the fresh air. 


Unique Mood-Boosting Office Plants

Hard week at work? Boost your mood and productivity with some happy plants. Certain species are well-known for their calming qualities, whether it’s their scent or their beauty. Try popping one of these on your desk or by your window to give you a pick-me-up when your schedule gets particularly hectic.

Here are some mood-boosting plants to invest in…

  • Lavender – The scent of this beautiful purple plant is known for reducing stress and anxiety. It also thrives easily, whether potted or planted outside and requires little attention. You can add a pot to your home desk or pick a bunch from the garden and dry it to make the most of the calming fragrance.
  • Succulents – These small cacti are super cute and fun to collect. There are tons of different types to play with. You can pick one or two to stand alone or create your own terrarium to bring your home office to life. They can be neglected and don’t require watering regularly.
  • Devil’s ivy – Despite the name, these plants will boost your mood with their glossy beauty. Plus, they can live in low light and with little water. 
  • Monstera – If you have a bare corner in your home office, brighten it up with a big Monstera. The sheer size of these beautiful indoor plants is impressive and sure to make you feel a sense of accomplishment. Water moderately and place in indirect light where possible. 
potted plant on office desk

Adding some indoor plants to your office has many benefits – whether it’s at home or elsewhere. You don’t need much space to do so, either. Try getting creative with hanging planters, window boxes, and tiered plant stands to bring the outdoors in.

Before you break out your green fingers, consider which plants best suit your space. If you don’t have a lot of daylight, you’ll need plants that thrive well in unnatural light. Think about the time you have to give to your leafy co-workers. If your schedule is hectic, look for plants that don’t require watering daily, or that won’t need repotting.

Finally, think about what will inspire you. Do you want the energy of big, glossy leaves? The fragrance of dainty flowers? Or the fun of miniature succulents?

Whether you settle on a spider plant for your desk or a bunch of eucalyptus to stand in a vase, you’ll soon reap the rewards of bringing greenery to the workspace. Look forward to purer air, improved productivity and a mood boost. What’s not to love?

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