Flower Farmer's Blog: Midsummer Retrospective & Autumn Sowing

Flower Farmer's Blog: Midsummer Retrospective & Autumn Sowing

Midsummer has come and gone, and the garden has given so much already. Dahlias are getting their groove on and autumn sowing is about to commence.

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As July draws to an end, I pause for a moment to think about what bounty the garden has provided me with this summer. I have had the pleasure of bringing delight to those who have received my bouquets and flower jars, but the work doesnt stop there. As flowers come to their natural end, others start to bloom to take their place and for me this means that the dahlia season is about to commence. In other parts of the UK, dahlias are in full swing, pumping out their fabulous blooms. I have only just finished staking and netting mine, just as the flower stems are stretching their necks. This means that I can look forward to putting together a whole new range of bouquets for people. And, there will be cosmos, beautiful cosmos; and amaranth which looks extraordinary in bouquets.

Orlaya white flower
Orlaya coming into seed

With the beginning of August I am also looking at sowing my autumn seeds for next spring’s flowers. As I've mentioned before, Flower Farmers are always looking ahead at least 7 months from bulb and seed to bloom. I have already sown foxgloves, hesperis, stocks and wallflowers. The sweet williams look as though they might have self seeded so I will be taking the strongest and potting them up. I have also started collecting seeds for autumn sowing and am keeping a close eye on some prize blooms for their seed heads. Hopefully I will be able to resist picking them for bouquets. Have you any ideas of what you would like to be growing next spring and are you collecting your seed, or even that of your friends and neighbours?

In the meantime we have taken a good look at the greenhouse and its layout. On the sunny side we are keeping a metre wide bed of soil for the tomatoes and friends. The rest of the greenhouse is being paved to provide hard standing for the racks of seed trays, potted plants and benches. I am very excited about it as it will provide me with alot more workable space and no wasted areas.

hard standing inside Rhino greenhouse
Cleared, levelled and with sub base in and pavings now going in

The list of things to do to keep those flowers blooming is endless and I've noticed that the roses are about to burst their buds again. Glorious. The garden still has so much to give and more flower beds are being planned for.

My final offering from July is a fragrant bunch of sweet peas. I hope you are continuing to pick yours which is the only way to keep those flowers blooming.

Follow the flowers and happy gardening.

sweet peas bouquet
Sweet pickings of sweet peas



If you'd like to find out more about La-Di Dardy Flowers, you can find them on Instagram or go to https://www.flowersfromthefarm.co.uk/members/la-di-dardy-flowers

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