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RHINO TUFF Free-Standing staging

starting from

Design your perfect Rhino staging

Choose your perfect size

18 inches is ideal for small greenhouses and essential for models such as the 5ft wide, where the bays either side of the door are only 18 inches wide. 24 inches is the most popular size, suiting almost any greenhouse. The popular Rhino Reservoir and Potting Pal are designed for this depth. Our 30 inch wide staging is designed for greenhouses 8ft wide and larger.

Length options of 2ft, 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft allow for staging along the length, across the back, and in ‘L’ shapes.

What Size Would You Like?

Choose your tray type

You can choose from metal trays, wooden slats or trays and slats.

What colour?

Why not choose a one of our beautiful powdercoated finishes to complement your greenhouse. Note that the stainless steel trays and wooden slats are not painted (but you'll be covering these with plants anyway).

Cheap staging looks good value until you start using it. You’ll quickly realise that a staging needs to carry a lot of weight, although perhaps not the 1200L that we tested our 4ft staging with. The strength is derived from the 3mm thick framework and our use of stainless steel rather than aluminium for the trays.

The trays are versatile too. They can be fitted flush with the top of the staging for a flat work surface or turned over and filled with pea shingle to allow your plants to drain whilst providing a microclimate around the base of the plants. Perfect!

The second, lower tier is created using wooden slats that have been pressure impregnated with a clear preservative. They will last years without rotting, even in a damp greenhouse environment.

Every greenhouse should have Rhino Staging so lets start designing your perfect staging!


Complete your staging

These useful products will transform your staging!

The Potting Pal is perfect for planting, propagating and potting up and adding a Rhino Reservoir and capillary matting will make the world of difference, keeping your plants correctly watered for days on end. Just refill the 35L tank as required – perhaps just once a week.

RHINO TUFF Free-Standing staging

Top features
  • Versatile, movable staging
  • Removable trays & slats
  • (Prices starting from £35)