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Rhino GrowBed Raised Bed 2ft x 2ft

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Product Details

The 2x2 Rhino GrowBed is great for urban spaces and cottage gardens. Use them to make the most of vertical space in your garden, with a single or double tier. Choose from a selection of beautiful colour options to create pockets of colour, and even make them architectural features, by incorporating them into your garden design.

They are versatile and durable – use your imagination! Make a mini cut flower bed, fill it with cut and come again salads, or why not try some root vegetables? They’re strong and guaranteed for 25 years, so don’t be shy with your gardening adventures.

Please be aware that the Rhino GrowBeds are not planters, and do not have a base as part of the design. This means you will want to consider what surface you place it on. Depending on what and how you want to grow, you may wish to line the bed with a weed control fabric, both to retain soil and prevent weeds.

To make sure you have the right growing space for your needs, every Rhino GrowBed comes in either single or double tier. Extra height can be useful for those with accessibility issues as well as giving more scope for what you can plant in the beds.

Width (W) 600mm

Length (L) 600mm

Height (H)

  • Single Tier: 180mm
  • Double Tier: 360mm  

Rhino GrowBed colour palette

The Rhino GrowBeds comes in a range of four stunning contemporary colours. Our colour palette has been designed to complement outside living, and also considers how the colours work when viewed both from the garden and from inside your home.

The finish is applied offsite by a dedicated powder coating company, as we consider this to be a process that should be done by a specialist. So, all of our Rhino products are powder coated by the best company in the country, who also coat parts for the likes of Jaguar Land Rover.

Every part goes through a twelve stage cleaning and etching process before the parts are hung individually on a conveyor and sprayed with powder, which is then baked to melting point and baked onto the aluminium. This highly technical process is so good that it allows us to offer a 25 year guarantee on the coloured finish!

Please get in touch to ask for a set of our aluminium colour samples so you can see exactly which colour will work best in your garden.

Rhino GrowBed Raised Bed 2ft x 2ft

Top features
  • Strong Box-Section Aluminium
  • Available in 6 attractive powder coated finishes
  • Modular system Single or Double Tier
  • Maintenance free
  • Made in Britain
  • 25 Year Guarantee