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Rhino Greenhouses & Coronavirus Update

Rhino Diamond Octagonal 7x7 Greenhouse

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The design brief for our Rhino Diamond range called for an elegant and strong structure that would be different to anything else on the market. To achieve this we turned to Colin Spooner, former Chief Designer at Lotus.
Colin’s vast experience brought a completely fresh and innovative approach to greenhouse design.

Rhino - the greenhouses with a 25 Year Guarantee!

You’ll love having a Rhino in your garden too, it’s the perfect environment for your plants and looks beautiful. It’s also very strong and safe for you and your family. We care about quality.

We design and manufacture the Rhino in our own UK factory and sell direct to the public. We think this makes the Rhino the best value greenhouse money can buy. See what you think.

Installation is included, so just order and we will expertly build your new greenhouse for you.

Included in the price of this greenhouse is:

  • 1 roof vent
  • 1 solar powered opener
  • 1 louvre vent

To offer the perfect growing environment for your plants.

Adequate ventilation is absolutely crucial to successful growing under glass. Better still, it's all included in the price!

The large roof vent is controlled by a Bayliss solar powered automatic roof vent opener.

Ventilation features in the Rhino Diamond


















Traditionally, greenhouses have been supplied with 3mm horticultural glass. It may be cheap but it isn’t safe, as it breaks easily. An improvement on this is toughened 3mm glass but this doesn’t come close to the strength and quality of our Rhino Tuff glass. 

Rhino Tuff 4mm toughened safety glass is 33% thicker than most greenhouse glass and comes as standard with every Rhino greenhouse. Even the edges of the glass are rounded so that you don’t cut yourself during installation.

The unique Rhino glazing system locks each pane of glass in place along its entire length. This means that each pane becomes an integral part and adds to the strength of the whole frame, in contrast to other greenhouses that use a glass capping simply to conceal the usual ‘W’ clip as a cosmetic improvement. The glass cannot be blown or sucked out of the frame and pushing on the glass only locks the beads more tightly into the frame. 

Keep yourself and your family safe.

We wouldn’t sit on the roof if a Rhino wasn’t so strong! Indeed, it’s why we named them Rhino. The Premium range builds on the already great strength of the Rhino Classic with box section glazing bars and 3mm thick 'T' section bracing throughout.

Each Rhino frame has around 60% more aluminium than similarly priced models. But it’s not just the weight, it’s the clever design of the Rhino that provides its inherent strength.

Strong frame Rhino Greenhouses

We’ve tested the snow loading capacity of a Rhino by putting half a tonne of sand bags on the roof, so she’s ready for whatever the Great British weather may throw at her.

Rhinos currently inhabit much of the UK, including windy corners from Cornwall to Scotland, and further afield in the Falklands. Customers have told us that they’ve withstood winds of 137mph – could there be a better test?

Rhino Greenhouse Integral Base

Every Rhino greenhouse includes a strong aluminium base in the price, which not only provides an incredibly strong foundation but also allows the Rhino to be erected simply onto level hardstanding such as slabs or concrete.

Nothing says more about the quality of a Rhino greenhouse than our 25 Year Guarantee.

A generation of gardeners can rest assured that the frame and even the powder coated colour finish are covered, in the unlikely event that the greenhouse fails.

Width (W) 6ft 7ins | Ridge (R) 9ft 10ins | Eaves (E) 5ft 7ins | Door (D) 5ft 6ins | Doorway (O) 2ft 4ins

Rhino greenhouses are made in our very own factory in Norfolk, where we manufacture over half a million different parts a year, each one produced to our exacting standards and meeting our strict quality control systems.

Our dedicated staff really care about the Rhinos they produce, and many of them have been making Rhinos since we began – it’s this pride that helps make our Rhino greenhouses strong, high quality and great value.

So why don’t you meet them?

Everyone’s garden is different, so here are some questions and answers that you may find helpful.

No, it can’t be erected directly onto soil, see the next question.

This would be ideal. The Rhino Diamond greenhouse requires a hardstanding base which can be larger than required, but must not be any smaller. Most importantly the base must be level and flat (no high spots).

For lean to greenhouses, you should also consider that the wall must be vertical. If the wall is not vertical then it may need a frame to pack it out but be aware that this may affect the base dimension.

We may request photographs to ensure that the base is suitable before installation.

A slab perimeter is suitable, this will also encourage natural drainage.

You can build a brick surround. Do not build brick surrounds before you have the dimensions and specification from ourselves.

Professional installation is included in the price of this greenhouse. The installers will fix your greenhouse down to your suitable prepared base.

It’s a good idea to factor in some drainage as you’ll be sloshing a lot of water around inside the greenhouse.

For further information, please contact

It was 5* service from start to finish.
Ordering 5*
Delivery 5*
Erection 5*
Product ... the best thing I have ever bought!
- Anita Smith

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Beautiful Rhino Colours

The Rhino Diamond greenhouse comes in a range of six stunning contemporary colours. Our colour palette has been designed to complement outside living, and also considers how the colours work when viewed both from the garden and from inside your home.

The finish is applied offsite by a dedicated powder coating company, as we consider this to be a process that should be done by a specialist. So, all of our Rhinos are powder coated by the best company in the country, who also coat parts for the likes of Jaguar Land Rover.

Every part goes through a twelve stage cleaning and etching process before the parts are hung individually on a conveyor and sprayed with powder, which is then baked to melting point and baked onto the aluminium. This highly technical process is so good that it allows us to offer a 25 year guarantee on the coloured finish!

Please get in touch to ask for a set of our aluminium colour samples so you can see exactly which colour will work best in your garden.

Rhino Integral Staging

The Rhino Diamond greenhouse has integral staging options to help you make the most of your space. The staging is made from strong cedar wood which looks and smells amazing! The Lower Integral Staging is 2ft wide and we recommend a maximum of 5 bays of staging. The Upper integral Staging is 1ft wide and we recommend a maximum of 5 bays of staging.

Complete your Greenhouse


In Spring and Autumn you’ll have so many seed trays sown with the next season’s plants that you’ll find it hard to move. A Rhino Seedrack will help you maximise space.

Available in two sizes to hold either 10 or 15 seed trays, the Seedracks are designed to suit the most popular seed trays, but as they do all differ in design we also sell plastic trays in sets of 10 or 15 to suit the Seedrack, in the strength that you’d expect from a Rhino product.

Rhino Diamond Octagonal 7x7 Greenhouse

Top features
  • FREE Installation Included
  • Super Strong Frame
  • Elegant Design
  • 4mm Toughened Safety Glass
  • Industry Leading Strength
  • Buy Direct From Our Factory
  • Uncompromised Quality at an Unbeatable Price
Pay only 10% deposit today

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