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Raven + Combination Shed 8x12

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The Raven Combination Potting Shed brings greenhouse gardening and garden storage into one building with the addition of a lockable shed extension. This 8x12 model comprises of the Raven 8x8 greenhouse and a perfectly fitting 8x4 shed extension. Installation is also included in the price within most of mainland UK.


Images are for illustrative purposes only. For full specification & what's included see below.

The Swallow Raven Combi comes with a 10 year guarantee

The Swallow Raven Combi is made from Thermowood, which is manufactured from quality redwood pine, with 3mm toughened glass fitted as standard and many other features which are detailed in the accordions below.

The Swallow range of wooden greenhouses are made from Thermowood, which is manufactured from quality red wood pine. The process involves kiln drying the timber which is then put in a special oven, where a powerful compressor removes the air. The temperature is raised to 215°C, which bakes the timber.

This natural, chemical free process seals the capillaries, destroys resins and proteins, and stabilises the timber.

The benefits are that it can be left untreated as all bacteria is killed, resulting in an improved durability against decay. It also gives a consistent colour throughout the wood and paints really well – the finish lasting up to three times longer than it would otherwise.

The frame is also protected by a strong plastic ‘U’ section damp barrier.

The Swallow Raven Combi comes with 3mm toughened glass. Toughened safety glass is much more robust than horticultural glass. This means that the panes are really strong and much more able to withstand accidental damage.

In the event of a breakage, a pane of toughened glass will break safely into many small pieces, rather than producing the hazardous shards that you get with the standard horticultural glass.

The Swallow Raven 8x12 Combi comes with two roof vents and automatic roof vent openers as standard, for convenience and automatically controlled ventilation.


The double inward opening doors give great access for barrows and wheelchairs, and have a mortice lock and key for added security.

Swallow 10 year guarantee

Every Swallow greenhouse that leaves the factory is made with care and attention to detail, and backed by a 10 year guarantee – so you know that you are buying a product that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Width (W) 8ft 9ins | Length (L) 12ft 7ins | Ridge (R) 8ft 9ins | Eaves (E) 5ft 8ins | Door (D) 6ft 6ins | Doorway (O) 3ft 11ins


Everyone’s garden is different, so here are some questions and answers that you may find helpful.

Q. Can this greenhouse be sited directly onto my garden? 

A. No, it can’t be erected directly onto soil, see the next question.

Q. Can I erect the greenhouse on a paved patio or concrete area?
A. This would be ideal. The Swallow range of greenhouses require a hardstanding base which can be larger than required, but must not be any smaller. Most importantly the base must be level and flat (no high spots).
For lean to greenhouses, you must also consider that the wall must be vertical. If the wall is not vertical then it may need a frame to pack it out but be aware that this may affect the base dimension.
Swallow may request photographs to ensure that the base is suitable before installation.

Q. What about laying slabs round the perimeter for the base to sit on?
A. A slab perimeter is suitable, this will also encourage natural drainage.

Q. What about a brick surround?
A. You can build a brick surround. Many of the Swallow range can also be adapted to be fitted to a dwarf wall (heights to be advised). Do not build brick surrounds before you have the dimensions from ourselves or Swallow.

Q. How do I fix the greenhouse down?
A. Professional installation is included in the price of this greenhouse. The installers will fix your greenhouse down to your suitable prepared base.

Q. Is drainage a problem?
A. It’s a good idea to factor in some drainage as you’ll be sloshing a lot of water around inside the greenhouse. For further information, please contact

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Installation is included, so just order and everything is done for you. Plus you only pay a 20% deposit today on Swallow greenhouses, paying the remainder prior to the agreed delivery date.

Upgrade options for your Swallow Raven

Beautiful Swallow Colours

Swallow greenhouses are available in a choice of ten painted finishes, as well as the plain wood finish.

The painted timber is treated in exactly the same way as for the natural finish, and then coated with an opaque waterborne top coat. This flexible, microporous, protective film is resistant to bacterial mould and UV attack – and designed to give a beautiful finish to your greenhouse that lasts for years to come.

Complete your Greenhouse

Swallow Staging and Shelving

Swallow's extra staging and high level shelving is made from the same Thermowood pine as the greenhouse and fits in beautifully, giving you even more versatility

Rainwater Collection

Swallow rainwater collection system

Why not add guttering to your Swallow to collect and use the rainwater that your plants love?

Benches and Coldframes

Swallow have designed a range of accessories to help support your precious plants as they grow.

Complete your Combination Shed

Complete your Combination Shed by choosing from the additional options detailed above

Raven + Combination Shed 8x12

Top features
  • Thermowood® Construction
  • 3mm Toughened Glazing
  • Automatic Opening Roof Ventilation
  • Staging to One Side of Greenhouse
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Installation Included
FREE installation & pay just 20% deposit when you order!
Deposit Payable Today