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Halls Qube 6x8 Greenhouse

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Includes FREE Base

The medium-sized Qube greenhouse gives you a little more space to get ambitious in the garden.

The Halls Qube comes with a 10-year guarantee

Strong and attractive, the Halls Qube range is an exciting addition to our range.

These strong greenhouses come equipped with several features outlined in the accordions below.

Each Qube greenhouse comes with 3mm toughened glass as standard, along with Halls’ new bar capping and tape system. This means no clips are required to hold the glass in place.

Halls separate base

The Halls Qube greenhouse requires a base. It cannot be erected directly onto slabs or concrete.

A brick plinth can be laid out, or you could purchase a bespoke base. Cheaper and easier to install, this allows the greenhouse to be erected directly onto compacted soil. Only the corner anchors of the base need to be concreted into position to secure it.

If you’d prefer to construct a brick plinth, we can provide the exact outside base dimensions.

Two roof vents will allow your greenhouse to cool and your plants to breathe.

Automatic openers can be added at an additional cost.

With 60mm gutters, your greenhouse will collect plenty of rainwater. Simply connect a 40mm downpipe and a water butt to make the most of Britain’s changeable weather.

With a strong, box-section frame, the Halls Qube will resist strong winds and bad weather. Halls is so confident in its durability that each one comes with a 10-year guarantee as standard.

Width (W) 6ft6in | Length (L) 8ft6in | Eaves: 4ft5in | Ridge: 7ft2in

Optional base adds 4.72ins to (R), (E), and (D).

Q. Can this greenhouse be sited directly onto my garden?
A. Yes, provided you have ordered the optional galvanised steel base. You must secure the greenhouse by concreting in the ground anchors. 
If you are sitting it on a lawn then be sure to take the top level of turf off. Cut the lawn back at least a spade width all round so that you don’t have grass growing right up to the edge of the greenhouse. You could fill this area with shingle after the greenhouse is installed.

Q. Can I lay a brick surround?
A. Yes, this is possible, the brick surround would need to be built to the exact dimensions supplied in the base plan. It is recommended that solid engineering bricks are used.

Q. What about laying slabs around the perimeter for the base to sit on?
A. As this greenhouse requires a raised plinth, a flat slab perimeter would not be suitable unless you select the optional galvanised steel base plinth.

Q. Can I erect the greenhouse on a paved patio or concrete area?
A. No, this greenhouse requires a raised brick plinth. However, there is an optional galvanised steel base available which can then be fitted onto a paved or concrete area. Exact greenhouse base dimensions can be provided.

Q. How do I fix the greenhouse down?
A. Soil (with optional galvanised steel base plinth) - dig a hole at each point and concrete the ground anchors into position.

Brick surround - You will need to drill holes into your hardstanding base and fix the greenhouse down using screws and rawl plugs.

Q. Is drainage a problem?
A. You’ll be sloshing a lot of water about inside the greenhouse all year round so it is a very good plan to allow this to drain away rather than sit in puddles inside the greenhouse. For further information please contact

Halls lowest price guarantee

We firmly believe that our prices are the best around – but, if you’ve seen the same thing cheaper elsewhere, please get in touch straight away so we can match or beat the price.

Upgrade options

Base Options

The galvanised steel base allows the greenhouse to be erected directly onto a soil site, the corner anchors of the base just need to be concreted into position to secure it.

It comes in black as standard, to match the framework of the Halls Qube.

Extra Ventilation

Ventilation is very important for your plants, so why not add a louvre, designed specifically for the Qube with toughened glass and colour-matched.

Roof vents work best in conjunction with automatic roof vent openers which are solar powered, very reliable and absolutely brilliant at regulating the temperature. Fit one per roof vent.

Halls Qube Integral Staging

Complete your Greenhouse

Halls Staging

Halls offers some great value freestanding staging to increase your growing area, allowing you to make the most of your greenhouse.

Shelves and Seedracks

Halls has some great value seed racks and high-level shelves to increase your growing area.

Rainwater Collection

Every Halls Qube greenhouse comes with integral gutters, so add downpipes and a water butt to collect the rainwater that your plants love.

Greenhouse Accessories

Useful accessories to make gardening in your greenhouse even more simple.

Halls Qube 6x8 Greenhouse

Top features
  • 3mm Toughened Safety Glass
  • Architectural Cable Bracing
  • Integral Aluminium Gutters
  • Low-Threshold Access
  • Black Powder-Coating as Standard
  • 10 Year Guarantee
Halls Offer: FREE BASE (automatically adds to basket)