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Halls Cotswold Burford 6x6 Greenhouse

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The Halls Cotswold Burford 6x6 greenhouse offers an ideal solution when room is limited, and the extra eaves height adds a feeling of spaciousness despite the small footprint.

Images are for illustrative purposes only. For full specification & what's included see below.

The Halls Cotswold Burford comes with a 12 year guarantee

The British made Burford range of greenhouses from Halls Cotswold have proved very popular since their introduction.

These aluminium framed greenhouses offer additional door and eaves height and many other features, including their unique Zero Threshold™, which are detailed in the accordions below.

The Halls Cotswold Burford greenhouse comes with horticultural glass as standard as traditionally greenhouses have been glazed with this to keep costs low. Each pane is 2ft x 2ft or smaller and is held in with spring wire ‘W’ clips and ‘S’ clips where panes overlap.

We recommend upgrading to toughened glass which is a much safer option. This is much stronger glass, better able to withstand damage from children playing ball or accidents when someone falls against the glass.

A third option, twin wall polycarbonate, is also offered.

Both toughened glass and polycarbonate glazing options include 'bar capping' which will improve the appearance of your greenhouse.

Eden Integral Base

The Halls Cotswold Burford includes an integral aluminium base as part of the design. This not only provides an incredibly strong foundation but also allows your greenhouse to be easily erected onto a hardstanding of concrete or paving slabs, and the flat bottom lip drilled and screwed down with the appropriate fixings. You’ll find this easier to install than a model with a separate steel base and because it’s all aluminium you’ll never have to worry about rust.

The Halls Cotswold Burford features the new Zero Threshold™ door system – designed to be a jam-free system with literally nothing to step over.

The Halls Cotswold Burford 6x6 greenhouse comes with two roof vents.

You can improve the ventilation further by adding low level louvre vents, as well as automatic roof vent openers.

Access is through a single sliding door featuring the revolutionary Zero Threshold™ door system – designed to be a jam-free system with literally nothing to step over.

Halls Greenhouses 12 year guarantee

Every Halls greenhouse is backed by a 12 year guarantee – so you know that you are buying a product that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Width (W) 6ft 5ins | Length (L) 6ft 5ins | Ridge (R) 7ft 7ins | Eaves (E) 5ft 3ins | Door (D) 6ft 6ins | Doorway (O) 1ft 11ins

Eden base requirements

This greenhouse has an integral aluminium base. But everyone’s garden is different, so here are some questions and answers that you may find helpful.

Q. Can this greenhouse be sited directly onto my garden?
A. No. This greenhouse is designed to be erected onto a hardstanding, which could be a concrete slab or paving stones. You must make sure that it is completely level and flat. If it isn’t then it won’t be suitable as the greenhouse is an engineered product designed to fine tolerances.

Q. What about laying slabs round the perimeter for the base to sit on?
A. This is becoming increasingly popular. Ideally this would include a path down the centre.

Q. How do I fix the greenhouse down?
A. You will need to drill holes into your hardstanding base and fix the greenhouse down using screws and rawl plugs.

Q. Is drainage a problem?
A. You’ll be sloshing a lot of water about inside the greenhouse all year round so it is worth being aware that greenhoues erected on a hardstanding are prone to puddles forming inside.

N.B. Do not lay a base for this greenhouse without referring to the precise base footprint measurements, which we can supply. If you make your hardstanding to the wrong dimensions then it will not be possible to erect the greenhouse.

Upgrade options

Attractive Halls Cotswold Colours

The Halls Cotswold Burford comes in a natural aluminium frame as standard, with Green or Black powder coated finishes available at additional cost.

 Eden colour options

Halls Cotswold Glazing

glazing options

As standard, Halls Cotswold greenhouses are supplied with 3mm horticultural glass. However, whilst low in cost, there is a sacrifice of safety and today the trend is towards safer and stronger glazing alternatives. Two glazing upgrade options are offered.

Twin wall polycarbonate has the advantage that it offers increased insulation, which may be useful in the winter months. It does, however suffer from two major diavantages Polycarbonate is so light that it makes the greenhouse vulnerable to wind damage and It also reduces light levels, which can be a problem for your plants.

Toughened 3mm glass is the best option as it offers a good degree of safety, should an accident occur. This also has the advantage of being large panes, which means no overlaps, which would otherwise attract dirt and algae.

Both the toughened glass and polycarbonate upgrades come with bar capping. Bar capping is a cosmetic addition to the glazing method. The plastic cap covers the stainless steel ‘W’ shaped retaining clips in order to enhance the appearance of your greenhouse.

Halls Cotswold Cresting

Eden cresting

Add that finishing touch to your greenhouse by adding cresting for a traditional Victorian look.

Extra Ventilation

The right combination of roof vents and side louvres allows you to take complete control of your ventilation. Air can enter low down through side louvres, circulate up through the greenhouse, and escape out of the roof vents. Ideally fit more than one louvre to all but the smallest greenhouse.

Roof vents also work best in conjunction with automatic roof vent openers which are solar powered, very reliable and absolutely brilliant at regulating the temperature. Fit one per roof vent.

It really is worthwhile ordering extra ventilation along with your greenhouse, as it’s inconvenient and much more expensive to add once the greenhouse is erected.

Complete your Greenhouse

Burford Integral Staging

Eden staging in green

Halls Cotswold have designed a bespoke staging solution specifically for the Burford. Designed to run the full length of the greenhouse, and with no front legs, extra work space is created with additional storage room underneath. This type of staging is ideal for wheelchair users.

Other Halls Cotswold Staging

Halls plain aluminium freestanding staging gives you good quality at an affordable price. This staging will give you loads of room – and years of service.

Shelves and Seedracks

Halls offer some great value seedracks and high level shelves to increase your growing area and get the most out of your greenhouse

Rainwater Collection

Every Halls Cotswold greenhouse comes with integral gutters and downpipes, so why not add a gutter joining kit and a water butt to collect the rainwater that your plants love?

Greenhouse Accessories

Halls have designed a range of accessories to keep your greenhouse at the perfect temperature, and help support your precious plants.

Halls Cotswold Burford 6x6 Greenhouse

Top features
  • Zero Threshold™ Door System
  • 3mm Horticultural Glass
  • Opening Roof Ventilation
  • Locking Door
  • Wide Gutters with Downpipes
  • 12 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
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