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Aldsworth Tall Outdoor Storage Box

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Just oodles of room

Made from strong, watertight and sustainably sourced materials, this spacious and hardy wooden container is ideal for your garden. The slanted sheet metal top will send rainwater sliding right off, protecting whatever is within, even in a downpour.

It's a wonderful choice for gardeners and young families, with room for tall items like cricket stumps, strimmers, and small bicycles - maybe even a cheeky spacehopper. Two large double doors at the front can be padlocked, to further secure your possessions.

We recommend treating the wood first to prolong its life and ensure it remains watertight.


Unit: H110 x W112 x D66cm

Internal: H93 x W103 x D53cm

Delivery: Courier will call direct to organise delivery. Please ensure you provide preferred contact details when ordering.

Aldsworth Tall Outdoor Storage Box

Top features
  • Crafted in FSC Spruce
  • Galvanised Sheet Metal Top
  • Hinged Double Doors
  • Weatherproof
  • H110 x W112 x D66cm