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The quality extends to our painted powder coat finish too!

Aluminium is not easy to paint, in fact every part is immersed in 12 different tanks in order to clean, etch and prepare it for the powder.

Our coloured finishes are applied offsite by a dedicated powder coating specialist here in the UK, who also coat parts for the likes of Jaguar Land Rover and Aston Martin - better still the process is chromate free, so doesn’t harm the environment.

The powder itself is specially formulated for Rhino greenhouses only, and also manufactured in the UK.

Once treated, each part is hung on a conveyor by hand in a very precise way so that the finish is exactly as required.

An electrical current is passed through the powder so that it is attracted to all areas of the aluminium parts and is applied consistently by automated machinery.

Once fully powder coated, the racks are then baked at 200c, which melts the powder onto the sections for a perfect finish.

This highly technical process is so good that it allows us to offer a 25 year guarantee on coloured Rhino frames. You don’t even get that with a luxury car - but you do with a Rhino!