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The most popular! A traditionally shaped greenhouse which offers a practical growing area.

  • Greenhouse
  • Lean To
  • Octagonal
  • Planthouse
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Halls Supreme 6x8 Greenhouse


Eden Birdlip 4x8 Greenhouse


Elite Belmont 8x6 Greenhouse


Elite High Eave 6x10 Greenhouse


Elite Craftsman 6x12 Greenhouse


Elite Belmont 8x8 Greenhouse


Eden Burford 6x6 Greenhouse


Elite High Eave 6x12 Greenhouse


Eden Burford 6x8 Greenhouse


Halls Magnum 8x10 Greenhouse


Elite Belmont 8x10 Greenhouse


Eden Burford 6x10 Greenhouse


Halls Magnum 8x12 Greenhouse


Elite Belmont 8x12 Greenhouse


Halls Magnum 8x14 Greenhouse


Elite Supreme 10x10 Greenhouse


Elite Belmont 8x14 Greenhouse


Elite Supreme 10x12 Greenhouse


Rhino Classic 6x6 Greenhouse

£1,300.00 £949.00

Rhino Premium 6x4 Greenhouse

£1,350.00 £999.00