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6ft Wide Greenhouses

Although this size requires very little floor space, there is an abundance of room inside. A great choice and one which is considered the ideal setup for suburban growing.

Rhino Classic 6x8 Greenhouse

£1,500.00 £999.00

2017 Rhino Premium 6x4 Antique Ivory


Rhino Premium 6x8 Greenhouse Package

£2,594.00 £2,295.00
  • Greenhouse
  • Lean To
  • Planthouse
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Halls Wall Garden 2x6 Lean to Greenhouse


Halls Popular 6x4 Greenhouse


Halls Popular 6x6 Greenhouse


Elite Craftsman 6x4 Greenhouse


Halls Supreme Wall Garden 2x6 Lean to Greenhouse


Halls Popular 6x8 Greenhouse


Elite Craftsman 6x6 Greenhouse


Elite High Eave 6x4 Greenhouse


Halls Popular 6x10 Greenhouse


Elite Craftsman 6x8 Greenhouse


Elite High Eave 6x6 Greenhouse


Halls Supreme 6x4 Greenhouse


Halls Supreme 6x6 Greenhouse


Elite Kensington 6x6 Lean to Greenhouse


Elite High Eave 6x8 Greenhouse


Elite Craftsman 6x10 Greenhouse


Halls Supreme 6x8 Greenhouse


Elite High Eave 6x10 Greenhouse


Elite Kensington 6x8 Lean to Greenhouse


Elite Craftsman 6x12 Greenhouse