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Rhino Premium 12ft Greenhouses

You’ll love your Rhino Premium, not just for it’s good looks but because it provides the perfect growing environment. If your plants are happy, chances are that you’ll love greenhouse gardening.

The exclusive Blue Grass or Silver Sage finishes will just look stunning in your garden. Both fit perfectly alongside the foliage, whether it be in a flower border or vegetable garden. And this doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of why Rhino Premium greenhouses are so highly regarded.

Our British-made Rhino Premium greenhouse offers your plants the best protected environment possible. As gardeners we know it’s a delicate balance, you want a greenhouse to provide warmth and light, to help germination and growth. But too much sun and heat, and your plants will show signs of stress and wilting. So every Rhino includes a combination of single, double or triple roof vents, offering a much larger ventilation area than any other greenhouse on the market. Automatic, solar powered vent openers and louvres are all included in the price of your Rhino, you’d expect nothing less.

And then there’s the exclusive range of optional accessories, designed by gardeners to make life better for plants and easier for you. Rhino Blinds, for example, will reduce the heat and problems of scorching, and are simple to fit and operate. The Rhino Reservoir in our Tuff Free Standing Staging will keep your plants watered for days on end, even in hot spring weather.

The quality of the Rhino Premium brings other benefits too. Strength is designed into the frame so they will withstand the worst of the great British weather. This is why we sell so many in Wales and Scotland and why there is a whole colony of Rhinos to be found in The Falkland Islands! And safety doesn’t stop there. You, your family and pets will be safe too, thanks to the superb quality of the 4mm toughened glass that comes as standard.

If all that hasn’t made your mind up, we put our money where our mouth is and offer you the benefit of a 25 year guarantee, even on the powder coated paint finish.

Still not convinced? Well, the best bit is the price. If you compare the same specification with our competitors, you’ll see that the Rhino Premium costs so much less. The reason is simple, we design and manufacture the Rhino in our own factory and sell direct to the public. We think this makes the Rhino probably the best greenhouse money can buy.

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Rhino Premium 12x12 Greenhouse

£4,750.00 £3,499.00

Rhino Premium 12x14 Greenhouse

£5,100.00 £3,749.00

Rhino Premium 12x16 Greenhouse

£5,450.00 £3,999.00

Rhino Premium 12x18 Greenhouse

£6,000.00 £4,399.00

Did you know?

Rhino Greenhouses are made by us right here in the UK!

Rhino Premium 12x20 Greenhouse

£6,450.00 £4,749.00
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When it comes to greenhouses we know what we’re talking about. Not sheds, summerhouses or conservatories - we simply specialise in greenhouses. For 25 years we have been one of the country’s leading greenhouse specialist retailers. And when you want to to talk greenhouses, whether it’s before placing an order or after sales, we’ll be here for you seven days a week. 

Tracey, in our Service Team epitomises our approach. She’s installed many greenhouses while assisting her partner who is one of our experienced team of nationwide installers. She knows the products inside out, which is exactly what you need if you have a question.