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Garden Diary

Garden Diary

December Blog

As another great year for gardeners and at Rhino Greenhouses nears an end, we love to reflect on the year gone by. 

read more 10/12/18
Garden Diary

October Blog

There is plenty to do in the garden during October to prepare for the Winter months ahead and looking further towards Spring.

read more 10/10/18
Garden Diary

September Blog

As we head into September, there is a slight change in the air - although apparently we may be in for an Indian Summer - Autumn is upon us.

read more 12/09/18
Garden Diary

August Blog

We’ve had a short respite from the continuously hot sun, with some much needed rain.

read more 09/08/18
Garden Diary

July Blog

It’s been a seriously hot start to the summer! With no rain over 3 weeks and full sunshine, lots of grassland is scorched and gardens suffering with lack of much needed water.

read more 16/07/18
Garden Diary

June Blog

It’s a full on month of gardening and flower shows not just for us but for everyone interested in gardening and with so much inspiration out there we hope you are all visiting one near you this year.

read more 29/06/18
Garden Diary

May Blog

Show time has definitely kicked off for us all at Rhino Greenhouses!

read more 03/05/18
Garden Diary

April Blog

Springtime has definitely arrived as Daffodils are out in abundance and we have even heard from our customers that the automatic vents on their Rhino greenhouses have been open.

read more 09/04/18
Garden Diary

Garden Diary, March

So the ‘beast from the east’ is hitting the UK and we are all staying warm inside with few gardening possibilities early in the month but March is still full of promise because Spring bulbs are popping up everywhere. They even look beautiful with a sprinkle of snow on top.

read more 01/03/18
Garden Diary

Garden Diary, February

Depending on where you are, you have probably seen some snow over the past week. Whilst it is so col ...

read more 17/02/18