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Garden Diary

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The Gardening Year

Summer in the Greenhouse

The summer sun means watering will be high on the agenda, as will weeding and deadheading, but mostly it’s the month to harvest fruits and vegetables, put your cut flowers in a vase and kick back on a chair to enjoy the garden. Early mornings are beautiful with the birds singing and the warmth of the day becoming apparent. So get outside, enjoy the great British summertime and all of your hard work in your garden.

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Gardening Tips

June Gardening Tips

The garden season is well underway and numerous garden shows across the country inspire us to grow in our own space. Fledglings have left the nest and things are really hating up in the greenhouse. What a difference a month can make!

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Video Diary

May in my Rhino Greenhouse

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Gardening Tips

May Gardening Tips 2018

The month when us gardeners are busy sowing seeds, thinning out seedlings and potting on like crazy as the lawn suddenly needs more mowing and the dawn chorus wakes us up to remind us the gardens awaits.

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Garden Diary

May Blog

Show time has definitely kicked off for us all at Rhino Greenhouses!

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The Gardening Year

Springtime in the Flower Garden

Hellebores are one of the early bloomers of the year and their flowers can bring a lovely sigh of re ...

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Garden Diary

April Blog

Springtime has definitely arrived as Daffodils are out in abundance and we have even heard from our customers that the automatic vents on their Rhino greenhouses have been open.

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Gardening Tips

April Gardening Tips

It’s the mixed month of April showers, late frosts, sunshine, lawn mowers on a Sunday morning and children enjoying the garden again.

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Video Diary

April in my Rhino Greenhouse

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Grow Your Own

Springtime in the Kitchen Garden

Whilst most varieties of potatoes can go in during April, early varieties such as ‘Rocket’ can go ou ...

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