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Garden Diary

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Gardening Tips

September Gardening Tips

September is a great month to begin collecting seeds from your favourite plants to sow for more colour in the following years.

read more 05/09/18
The Gardening Year

Summer in the Kitchen Garden

Rocket, lettuce and radish can still be sown now and will provide you with quick harvests of homegro ...

read more 10/08/18
Garden Diary

August Blog

We’ve had a short respite from the continuously hot sun, with some much needed rain.

read more 09/08/18
Gardening Tips

August Gardening Tips

There is always pruning to be done, even in the heat of the Summer. Now is a good time to prune Wisteria in preparation for a burst of blooms next year.

read more 01/08/18
Garden Diary

July Blog

It’s been a seriously hot start to the summer! With no rain over 3 weeks and full sunshine, lots of grassland is scorched and gardens suffering with lack of much needed water.

read more 16/07/18
The Gardening Year

Summer in the Flower Garden

The garden will be gasping for water now, especially pots, baskets and containers so be up with the ...

read more 13/07/18
Video Diary

Your Greenhouse In July

read more 09/07/18
Gardening Tips

July Gardening Tips

Many people ask me why their Camellia hasn't bloomed. The answer is - water! These beautiful plants can suffer from dryness at the roots during this time of year especially in particularly dry weather. Particularly keep an eye on Camellias growing in pots. Just because they aren’t in bloom, doesn't mean they don't need water!

read more 02/07/18
Garden Diary

June Blog

It’s a full on month of gardening and flower shows not just for us but for everyone interested in gardening and with so much inspiration out there we hope you are all visiting one near you this year.

read more 29/06/18
Video Diary

Your Greenhouse In June

read more 18/06/18