When March arrives and the Daffodils are blooming, even the stormiest of days cant stop that spring feeling! The weather has been wet and wild in the UK, and where I have been over in the US it has most definitely been changeable, including a tornado. But, the crocus and blossoms are providing some colour and the skies will be blue again soon and the sun will shine.

I have been missing my allotment and Rhino Greenhouse so much over the past 8 weeks that Ive been away but Ive also had plenty of time to plan my plot, purchase my seeds and read lots of books. As I will be back and forward to the US a lot, particularly over the winter months, my planning is meticulous and I have to try very hard to keep within the plan. So, no sowing a thousand tomato and squash seeds this year! Unfortunately I will have to miss out on some winter veg for next year but I can definitely time leeks and christmas potatoes in so all is well.

I returned to my plot for the first time today expecting to see some storm damage but apart from a water butt that wasn't quite where it should be, there was very little change. There was also very little weed and a mass of gorgeous Spring growth which made me literally jump for joy. My plot is No Digwhich at first made me very uneasy but as time has flown by, I have realised that it is exactly what we should be doing. In a nutshell it is replenishing the soil without digging and allowing nature to do the work. Saves my back and the soil. There was barely a weed in sight and it looks incredibly neat and tidy. There was frogspawn in the pond, Iris and Daffodils in bloom, Shallots and Garlics growing well and the first Rhubarb looking healthy.

The greenhouse is home to a few plants that needed overwintering and the sweet peas which are looking fantastic. They needed pinching out but that took all of 2 minutes and now they are ready to bush up a bit. Huge thank you to my lovely plot neighbour for checking in on them. Thats one of the great things about allotments - the community and wonderful gardeners that you get to meet.

So, I am glad to be back in the UK for spring, listening to bird song and getting ready to sow seeds, some of which I brought back from the US including some rare and exciting seeds to try. I know many people get sowing very early in the year but I dont sow a seed until mid March and thats always worked perfectly for me. They can be sown and left in the greenhouse then without any worry about heat or light. Easy gardening.

Happy March everyone!


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Written by Ellen Mary