Norfolk is known for its farming, and the show certainly wasn't short on livestock and all the flatcaps that go with it. The showgrounds were graced with beautiful horses, cows, sheep and much more, all showing their best side to the thousands that came to see the spectacle.

But I was there for the horticulture and boy was I not disappointed. I haven’t been the show before, but I’ve known similar such affairs from back down south, where I’m from. But they were nothing in comparison to the size and scope of the Royal Norfolk Show. Show gardens from garden designers and landscapers as well as local schools and community projects putting their best foot forward. There was contemporary finesse and there was rustic charm; high-end landscaping and upcycled garden features.

JH Landscaping were there with their beautiful show garden, it was our favourite. Our Rhino Greenhouses were right next-door.
Wellies making fantastic flowerpots at this show garden, alongside our Rhino Greenhouses at the Royal Norfolk Show.

And just behind the show gardens were our lovely Rhinos, blending in seamlessly. And we certainly weren't short of visitors.

Lots of excited showgoers were interested in our Rhino Greenhouses at the Royal Norfolk Show 2019.

Inside the marquees beyond were all manner of local business plying their beautiful wares. Up and comers stood alongside local institutions, and with prizes up for grabs, everyone was doing their best displays. Good Glass Wicked Wicks, Pretty Cactus, Freddy the Flower Guy, Norfolk Olive Tree Company, Norfolk School of Gardening, Moulton Nurseries, The Little Garden Co., Scaped Nature, JH Landscpaing, Plant Grow, Evergreens, the list goes on and on.

There is an overwhelming sense of community across the whole Horticulture area, with everyone making friends and sharing their knowledge freely. It’s a free exchange of ideas, with the shared goal to make the world a greener place. I only wish I had more time to spend there, but alas, an afternoon was all that could be spared. Before we knew it, the show as over, and it was time to pack down. With the wind buffeting our trees around, it was a bit of a struggle, but we got there in the end!

Until next year.


Written by Georgie Matthews