With a hot month ahead, I am really looking forward to July in the garden and on my allotment. It’s been such a busy Spring/early Summer that as soon as July pops up on the calendar, I know it means I can get a few days down the plot and in the greenhouse. The heat means it’ll mostly be about shading and watering plus keeping on top of weeds but on top of that the satisfying pile of har-vests on the kitchen worktop makes it all worth it.

This month in the greenhouse I have plenty of late potting on to do, my Cucamelons are desperate to spread their roots and a few Chillies need a bigger pot but all in all things are under control and I am already harvesting Cucumbers, a lot of microgreens including radish, coriander, fenugreek and beet-root. Outside it is an abundance of salads and a lot of successional sowing going on in the hope of extending the growing season for as long as possible.

It’s a great month for gardening and experimenting with recipes full of freshly grown produce and en-joying being outside in the sunshine.

Written by Ellen Mary