Have you spotted any Snowdrops yet? February is the month of Snowdrop walks and snow flurries, despite the colder temperatures its still great to get out in the garden.

If you’ve read our blog, we’ve mentioned that now is a great time to sow sweet peas. We have it on good authority (from an expert grower) that October and February are the best months. You can soak the seeds before sowing or not, but either way they need root trainers or toilet roll holders to allow the long roots to develop.

It’s a great time of year to cover your beds and borders with a good layer of well rotted manure. If the ground is waterlogged or frozen, its best left alone but otherwise mulching is a good way to allow the nutrients to be absorbed into the soil over the remaining winter months and also helps to stop weeds growing.

If you haven’t already make sure you plant out any bare root fruit and roses this month. Planting bare roots is not only cheaper but they also tend to develop into strong plants so its a great way to develop a garden or a vegetable patch.

Again if the soil isn't frozen, dig up those perennial weeds. It’s a great time for clearing out well rooted perennials which will otherwise take over your garden. After a little rain the soil is easier to work with as well, so not too hard to pull up the big roots. It can be very satisfying!

Don’t forget to stay away from the lawn. Easier said than done if you have pets or children but if the soil is very wet or frozen, walking on the lawn can really damage it.

Don’t forget the birds! Its so cold outside and winter food is scarce so supplementing food over Winter can be a life line for our garden birds. There are some lovely feeders available now, from painted wooden bird houses to metal squirrel proof feeders so you can find something perfectly suited to your space.

Make sure you keep the gutters and downpipes clear of fallen leaves and other winter debris, and give the glass a wipe over to allow maximum light in to your plants and growing seedlings.

Written by Ellen Mary