Kimberley, her son Finley and baby daughter Florence are familiar faces at the Grapes Hill Community Garden. Back when these photos were taken in August, Finley wasn't shy about getting stuck in and Jo Rice, the resident gardener, put the young man to work! He was sweeping, raking, watering and picking vegetables; all the while, a huge smile on his face. Fin is never happier than when he's in the garden, says mum, Kimberley.

Finley, little boy watering the flowers in Grapes Hill Community Garden

Kimberley lives in Norwich, near the Fat Cat Pub - a locally infamous establishment - having relocated from Wales fairly recently. She is currently a full time Mum, with Fin, Flo and another baby on the way and is so glad of having a place like the community garden. It's open every day, so there's always a safe and fun outdoor space she can take the children, if they want to get out of the house.

Kimberley is herself a gardener and used to work maintaining Willow domes in South Wales. That's a very skilled gardening job! She loves the green landscape of Norfolk, and is desperate for her own garden and allotment. Kimberley's own home has only got a patch of green astro turf - something she insists wasn't her choice! Whilst pottering about the garden with her children, you can hear her teaching them about the plants and how they grow. 

Young mum and son Fin learning about gardening

If you're interested in getting your own bed at Grapes Hill Community Garden, or other ways you an get involved with this lovely community project, check out their website - You can also find out more about how the garden came to be here.

We're very proud to have a Rhino in this fantastic community garden, built by and for the local residents and love seeing the good it does. Stay tuned to hear about more Grapes Hill Gardeners.

Grapes Hill Community Garden families and children working the allotment beds




Written by Georgie Matthews