This is Lilian. Lilian has been a tenant at the Grapes Hill Community Garden for 3 years - meaning she rents one of the 10 or so raised beds you'll find towards the front end of the garden. This bed is hers to do with as she wishes, for a (very) small annual fee that goes towards maintaining the garden as a whole. Before moving to her flat just across the road, she had a big beautiful garden that was her pride and joy.

Since downsizing to the flat and losing her garden, Lilian was delighted to discover the community garden - and so close by to her home, she can drop by easily. She comes by as often as she can, making her a very familiar face if you ever pop by of an afternoon (which you absolutely should).

Ever since she started gardening, she was never interested in flowers, filling her garden with all manner of vegetables instead. Her plot at Grapes Hill is a microcosm of that same approach. This year, Lilian's main crops are lettuce, kale, cucumbers, peppers and aubergines.

Lilian at work potting up in the Rhino greenhouse at Grapes Hill Community garden.

If you're interested in getting your own bed at Grapes Hill Community Garden, or other ways you an get involved with this lovely community project, check out their website - You can also find out more about how the garden came to be here.

We're very proud to have a Rhino in this fantastic community garden, built by and for the local residents and love seeing the good it does. Stay tuned to hear about more Grapes Hill Gardeners.

Written by Georgie Matthews