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Gardeners We Love

Gardeners We Love

Ellen Mary - Rhino Ambassador

Written by Georgie Matthews

Ellen Mary has been an and out and proud Rhino ambassador for some time, so Georgie thought you should get to know her a little better.

read more 05/11/19
Gardeners We Love

Hawkwell Herbology - Meet Sara

Written by Sara of Hawkwell Herbs

Have we introduced Sara yet? We haven't? How remiss of us - meet the charming personality behind Hawkwell Herbs.

read more 10/09/19
Gardeners We Love

Grapes Hill Community Garden - Lilian

Written by Georgie Matthews

The community garden on Grapes Hill in Norwich is filled with interesting people, who love the gift that is this local haven.

read more 27/08/19
Rhino News

Mark & Nadine - Rhino Herders

Written by Georgie Matthews

Mark and Nadine have been Rhino customers for many years and now own a grand total of 4 Rhinos! They were kind of enough to chat with me about their greenhouses and their love of gardening.

read more 14/08/19
The Gardening Year

August Blog

Written by Ellen Mary

Ellen Mary is busy harvesting at her allotment this month.

read more 10/08/19