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Grow Your Own

Our Essential Guide: How to Grow Potatoes

Written by Georgie Matthews

The mainstay of British cooking, we've put together a guide for all the aspiring potato growers out there.

read more 16/02/21

Quick Guide to Pruning Roses

Written by Fran Phillips

Late winter is the ideal time for pruning your rose bushes. Whether they're established plants or newly planted, our flower farmer has her tried and tested methods to share.

read more 12/02/21
Gardening Tips

February at Norfolk School of Gardening - Springtime Approaches & Online Courses

Written by Ruth Darrah

Online courses coming soon! Spring flowers are rearing their heads as they prepare for hedge and rose planting in the walled garden.

read more 06/02/21
Gardening Tips

When To Pinch Out and When To Stop

Written by Georgie Matthews

A guide for novices to the pinching out technique and tips on the most common uses - Tomatoes, Dahlias, Basil.

read more 01/02/21

Building Raised Beds for Cut Flowers

Written by Fran Phillips

Winter is a great time for gardeners to prepare their gardens for the new growing season. Building and installing raised beds is a great way to make better use of space and give you more growing options.

read more 30/01/21
Gardening Tips

January at Norfolk School of Gardening - Garden Maintenance

Written by Ruth Darrah

It's the season of maintenance, and the Walled Garden at Ketteringham Hall has plenty in need of maintaining.

read more 30/01/21

Roast Purple Sprouting Broccoli with Anchovy, Cream, Chilli & Parmesan

Written by Gill Meller

From Gill Meller's bestselling cookbook, Time, a delicious winter treat with purple sprouting broccoli at its best harvested in late winter.

read more 27/01/21
Gardening Tips

January at Norfolk School of Gardening - Maintaining Flowerbeds

Written by Ruth Darrah

Dealing with flowers - pruning established plants and ordering seeds for the coming season.

read more 23/01/21
The Gardening Year

Start the Year with Sweet Peas

Written by Ellen Mary

A hopeful act of Sweet Pea sowing to start off your growing season.

read more 20/01/21
Gardening Tips

Glut No More! Plan for Less Wastage and Optimise Your Harvest

Tips and ideas to get more variety while reducing waste in your garden. Hundreds of courgettes? Seedlings resigned to the compost heap? No more!

read more 19/01/21
Gardening Tips

January at Norfolk School of Gardening - John Innes Compost

Written by Ruth Darrah

The school is closed for now, so while we wait for the classroom to re-open, Ruth shares some knowledge about the John Innes Centre, now based local to us in Norwich, and their compost formulations.

read more 16/01/21
Greenhouse Growing

Our Essential Guide: How To Grow Chillies In A Greenhouse

It's never too soon to start planning your growing, and with a greenhouse at your disposal, you can start sowing your chillies as early as February.

read more 11/01/21