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Gardening Tips

Our Essential Guide: Raised Beds

Written by Ruth Darrah

Gardening in raised beds is a great alternative for small gardens. There are so many design options available, and a hugely versatile growing space too.

read more 23/06/20
Gardening Tips

June at Norfolk School of Gardening - Keeping on Top of Everything

Written by Ruth Darrah

At the height of growing season, there's so much to keep an eye on! Deadheading flowers, cutting back voracious growers and caterpillar watching.

read more 20/06/20

Books for June

Written by Ellen Mary

Some bookish delights from Ellen to get you through the rainy lockdown days.

read more 15/06/20
Gardening Tips

June at Norfolk School of Gardening - Rain Damaged Roses & Early Summer Gardening Jobs

Written by Ruth Darrah

If your roses were damaged by this week's rain, some tips and reassurance. As well as other jobs for the week in your garden.

read more 13/06/20

Flower Farmer's Blog: The Ideal Greenhouse Setup

Written by Fran Phillips

Ideal greenhouse setup for a flower farmer and veg grower.

read more 12/06/20
Gardening Tips

June at Norfolk School of Gardening - Let it rain! Filling the Raised Beds

Written by Ruth Darrah

It's been dry, but rain is due and the newly filled raised beds need it!

read more 06/06/20

Seasonal Flowers: May turns to June

Written by Fran Phillips

What's blooming in the garden, what's good for a bouquet today and what should you get sowing now?

read more 05/06/20
Garden Diary

Hawkwell Herbology: Do your herbs help you see the future?

Written by Sara of Hawkwell Herbs

Sowing seeds for the future - get excited now.

read more 04/06/20
Gardening Tips

May at Norfolk School of Gardening - Mulching & Watering

Written by Ruth Darrah

Sun is out and everything is growing! Watering and mulching time.

read more 30/05/20

Flower Farmer's Blog: Pest Patrol

Written by Fran Phillips

Fran is on pest patrol! As the flowers start to grow, so too do the critters!

read more 29/05/20
Gardening Tips

May at Norfolk School of Gardening - It's hotting up!

Written by Ruth Darrah

With unprecedented heat already upon us, the gardeners at Ketteringham Hall are keeping an eye on the watering and the pests.

read more 23/05/20
Greenhouse Growing

Things to Consider when Buying a Greenhouse

Written by Georgie Matthews

All your frequently asked questions for those buying their first greenhouse, or those looking to upgrade.

read more 21/05/20