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Rhino News

Rhino Quarterly Newsletter July 2020

Written by Georgie Matthews

A lot's happened in the last 3 months! You may have noticed...

read more 29/07/20

Compost: what, why and which one?

Written by Ian of PlantGrow

We buy metric tons of compost every growing season, but what is it actually made of and why do we need it?

read more 27/07/20
Gardening Tips

July at Norfolk School of Gardening - Green Walls, Propogating & Printmaking

Written by Ruth Darrah

Courses are back on with a bang. The popular Propagation course and Green Walls are up first.

read more 18/07/20

How to Make a Lavender Wreath

Written by Fran Phillips

Have you been looking for a way to make good use of all that gorgeous lavender?

read more 17/07/20

Hawkwell Herbology: Grow Your Own AND Cook It Too!

Written by Sara of Hawkwell Herbs

Ok, great, so you've grown your own ... now to get cooking!

read more 16/07/20
The Gardening Year

July Allotment Blog

Written by Ellen Mary

Ellen is back! After months away, it's back to the allotment.

read more 13/07/20
Gardening Tips

July at Norfolk School of Gardening - Back in the Classroom

Written by Ruth Darrah

Back in the classroom with Peonies.

read more 11/07/20

Flower Farmer's Blog: July jobs in the garden

Written by Fran Phillips

Summer jobs in the garden!

read more 10/07/20
Gardening Tips

July at Norfolk School of Gardening - Getting Ready to Reopen

Written by Ruth Darrah

Preparing to reopen post lockdown easing.

read more 04/07/20

Guerrilla Gardening

Written by Ellen Mary

Making unloved public spaces green again. Spreading joy with flowers. But is it allowed?

read more 30/06/20
Gardening Tips

June at Norfolk School of Gardening - Rain, Heat & Natural Pest Control

Written by Ruth Darrah

It's been wet, it's been hot. New growth all around, which attracts slugs and aphids aplenty.

read more 27/06/20

Flower Farmer's Blog: It's all about the Roses

Written by Fran Phillips

There are so many flowers to admire in the garden this time of year, but roses have got Fran's attention this week.

read more 26/06/20