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Greenhouse Growing

What can I sow in my greenhouse in Autumn and Winter?

Written by Georgie Matthews

Eager to get sowing in your greenhouse now but aren't sure where to begin? Here's our monthly guide from September to February.

read more 20/10/20
The Gardening Year

October Allotment & Greenhouse Blog

Written by Ellen Mary

Autumn is here and Ellen is loving it. Brassicas and dahlias are still showing off, while the greenhouse gets a clean and becomes home to potted herbs for winter.

read more 12/10/20
Gardening Tips

This week from Norfolk School of Gardening - Pruning Courses Available

Written by Ruth Darrah

Autumn is a good time for pruning, and the teachers have classes on offer.

read more 10/10/20

Flower Farmer's Blog: Planning for Spring

Written by Fran Phillips

Even with autumn barely upon us, we must look 6 months forward - Fran is getting on top of her spring bulbs and annuals. Find out what you can sow for spring now.

read more 09/10/20
Gardening Tips

October at Norfolk School of Gardening - Autumn Housekeeping

Written by Ruth Darrah

Autumn is a transitional time in the walled garden, clearing and tidying, preparing for the cold weather. Top tips for dealing with Sciarid Fly and Black Fly.

read more 03/10/20

10 Things You Didn't Know About Herbs

Written by Sara of Hawkwell Herbs

Why herbs - humble as they may be - deserve your attention. Both in the garden, on your plate and in your life. 

read more 01/10/20
Gardeners We Love

Interview with Eli Appleby-Donald - YouTuber & Gardener

Written by Georgie Matthews

Why does Eli put so much stock in gardening and her Rhino greenhouse? This YouTuber had a chat with Georgie to find out.

read more 30/09/20
Gardening Tips

September at Norfolk School of Gardening - Seed Collecting & Popular Courses

Written by Ruth Darrah

Autumn arrives, but the learning continues.

read more 26/09/20

Flower Farmer's Blog: Autumn on the Horizon

Written by Fran Phillips

The autumn equinox has passed. We start preparing for colder weather and the next year. Sowing hardy annuals and drying flowers for arrangements in the cold seasons.

read more 25/09/20
The Gardening Year

September at Norfolk School of Gardening - Indian Summer

Written by Ruth Darrah

Making use of the Indian Summer days, planting in borders and preparing the cutting garden.

read more 19/09/20
The Gardening Year

Hawkwell Herbology: September at Home Farm House

Written by Sara of Hawkwell Herbs

Autumn is on the horizon, and for Sara at Hawkwell Herbs, that means change is a-coming! Learn about Herb Preservation and animals moving with the seasons.

read more 18/09/20
Rhino News

Rhino Owner Story: Patrick Stevens

Written by Patrick Stevens

A lifetime of gardening from a Rhino owner.

read more 14/09/20