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Gardening Tips

May at Norfolk School of Gardening - It's hotting up!

Written by Ruth Darrah

With unprecedented heat already upon us, the gardeners at Ketteringham Hall are keeping an eye on the watering and the pests.

read more 23/05/20
Greenhouse Growing

Things to Consider when Buying a Greenhouse

Written by Georgie Matthews

All your frequently asked questions for those buying their first greenhouse, or those looking to upgrade.

read more 21/05/20
Gardening Tips

May at Norfolk School of Gardening - Impromptu Plant Nursery

Written by Ruth Darrah

With courses put on hold, plants are available to buy and sell! Get in touch if you're local for contact-free delivery.

read more 16/05/20

Cooler Temperatures at the Flower Farm

Written by Fran Phillips

"Never Cast a Clout Till May is Out" - why it is prudent to take hold back on planting out, despite those itchy fingers!

read more 15/05/20

Kate from Camomile & Cornflowers Ltd

Written by Kate Hurst

Kate is a flower farmer and owner of Camomile and Cornflowers and this is her story.

read more 11/05/20
Gardening Tips

May at Norfolk School of Gardening - Summer Approaches

Written by Ruth Darrah

Summer approaches - can't you just feel it?

read more 09/05/20

May Day

Written by Fran Phillips

May Day brings the promise of new life and rebirth, heralding summer. You can still bring beautiful fresh flowers into your home from local florists like Fran. And we look forward to Garden Day this Sunday.

read more 07/05/20
Gardening Tips

May at Norfolk School of Gardening - Checking for Pests and PlantGrow

Written by Ruth Darrah

Keep an eye on your flowers - lily beetles have been spotted and aphid watch begins. And Norfolk grown vegan fertiliser is delivered by PlantGrow.

read more 02/05/20
Gardening Tips

April at Norfolk School of Gardening - Seed Sowing & Potato Planting

Written by Ruth Darrah

The last of the tomatoes and what to do when you get blight. Container gardening and other useful courses.

read more 25/04/20

Our Essential Guide: How to Plant & Pot Up Dahlias

Written by Fran Phillips

Once the overnight frosts come to an end where you are, it'll be time to start thinking about potting up and planting out your Dahlias!

read more 24/04/20
Grow Your Own

Our Essential Guide: How To Grow Courgettes & Squash

Written by Ruth Darrah

The good news is that these are really easy to grow. The temptation is to grow too many plants, and ...

read more 21/04/20

April in North Carolina

Written by Ellen Mary

With Ellen staying put in the US for a while longer than expected, this month she's been doing some research into what plants she can expect to see and grow herself whilst in Charlotte.

read more 20/04/20