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Greenhouse Maintenance

Bubble Wrapping a Greenhouse: Why, How and What For?

Written by Eli Appleby Donald

Bubble wrapping is the most common method used by gardeners to insulate their greenhouse over the winter. Eli gives some advice on the how and the why.

read more 25/11/20
Gardening Tips

November at Norfolk School of Gardening - Christmas Wreaths & Practical Revision

Written by Ruth Darrah

The Certificate in Practical Horticulture students are having their mettle tested. And festive activities are about to get underway.

read more 21/11/20
Grow Your Own

Can You Grow Your Own Grains?

Written by Jane Bremen

What to add some variety to your veg garden or always wanted to make your own cereals?

read more 17/11/20
The Gardening Year

Microgreens - Year-Round Sowing and Eating

Written by Ellen Mary

Satisfy those itchy sowing fingers year-round and add a nutritional punch to any meal, with quick and easy to grow microgreens.

read more 16/11/20
Gardening Tips

November at Norfolk School of Gardening - Design Orientated

Written by Ruth Darrah

Getting design orientated this week, with a local designer coming in to make plans, Botanical Printmaking proving popular and Christmas wreaths on the agenda soon.

read more 14/11/20

Sowing Flowers in November: Ranunculus, Anemones & Sweet Peas

Written by Fran Phillips

Still time for sowing these beauties now, for hardy plants with lots of flowers next spring.

read more 13/11/20
Gardening Tips

November at Norfolk School of Gardening - Lockdown Learning & Retraining

Written by Ruth Darrah

Classes continue at Norfolk School of Gardening, including the Certificate in Practical Horticulture.

read more 07/11/20
Gardening Tips

October at Norfolk School of Gardening - Flowers To Stay for Winter

Written by Ruth Darrah

There are flowers that will fade and others that will continue to bring shape and colour to the garden throughout the winter.

read more 31/10/20
Gardening Tips

How To Encourage Root Growth and Improve Seedling Survival Rates in Autumn

Written by Fran Phillips

How to improve gemination rates and encourage good root growth in your autumn and winter seedlings.

read more 30/10/20
Greenhouse Growing

How To Keep Your Greenhouse Warm in Winter

Written by Georgie Matthews

Once the warmth of summer has passed, it's time to think about how you're going to protect your plants in the greenhouse throughout the colder seasons.

read more 29/10/20
Gardening Tips

October at Norfolk School of Gardening - Is Autumn more important than Spring?

Written by Ruth Darrah

Why autumn is the most important season of the year for gardeners.

read more 24/10/20
Rhino News

Rhino Quarterly Newsletter October 2020

Written by Georgie Matthews

Summer into Autumn at Rhino Greenhouses Direct - what's going on with our customers, on the blog and in your garden?

read more 23/10/20