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Rhino Greenhouses & Coronavirus Update

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Springtime at Lad-Di Dardy Flowers

Written by Fran Phillips

 The world keeps turning, spring keeps on coming and the flowers keep on growing.

read more 27/03/20
Rhino News

Rhino Quarterly Newsletter

Written by Georgie Matthews

Stormy weather, Gill Meller's new greenhouse and other exciting Rhino tidbits.

read more 18/03/20
Grow Your Own

Our Essential Guide: How To Grow Tomatoes

Written by Ruth Darrah

Growing tomatoes from start to finish.

read more 16/03/20
The Gardening Year

March Allotment Blog

Written by Ellen Mary

The No Dig approach is working perfectly and the storms have been surprisingly kind. And now it's almost time to start sowing!

read more 14/03/20
Gardening Tips

6 Essential Tools For Your Garden

Written by Ruth Darrah

6 is a nice round number... otherwise we'd get carried away!

read more 11/03/20
Gardening Tips

Using Propagators & Hardening Seedlings

Written by Eli Appleby Donald

How to use propagators to start your seedlings off and how to move them from propagator to greenhouse to outdoors.

read more 09/03/20
Gardening Tips

March at Norfolk School of Gardening - Pruning Courses

Written by Ruth Darrah

How, when and what to prune? Let the experts tell you.

read more 07/03/20

The First Bouquet of Spring

Written by Fran Phillips

Fresh from the garden, the first truly spring bouqet of the year! And you can grow them all yourself too.

read more 06/03/20
Gardeners We Love

Hawkwell Herbology: Animal Friends & New Beginnings

Written by Sara of Hawkwell Herbs

Bees, dogs and ducks. Sara is saying goodbye to some animal friends. But spring means new life, and new friends.

read more 05/03/20
Gardening Tips

February at Norfolk School of Gardening - Tree Planting Course

Written by Ruth Darrah

Tree planting courses continue, despite the challenging weather conditions!

read more 29/02/20

Flower Farmer's Reading List

Written by Fran Phillips

Books to inspire you on your own flower farming journey. No matter the scale.

read more 28/02/20

Hawkwell Herbology: Winter Savory & Vegetable Soup

Written by Sara of Hawkwell Herbs

Did you know the herb Winter Savory was once used widely as a salt replacement? Why not try it out in a delicious soup?

read more 27/02/20