September Allotment Blog

September Allotment Blog

Sometimes leaving nature to do it's thing is best - both for the wildlife and Ellen's brassicas!

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Theres been such a big shift in the season and so quickly hasnt there? From the heat and sun throughout August to the wind and rain by the end of the month and into September, its been a riot in the garden! One thing is for sure, your Rhino Greenhouse isnt going anywhere. I have seen numerous polytunnels and greenhouses damaged in the winds but the Rhino really is rock solid. Mine needs a bit of a clean mainly on the outside to allow maximum light in as the days are a little duller heading into Autumn and Im going to scrub the staging as well while I am at it.

On the plot the Dahlias have continued to bloom like crazy with Boogie Woogiebeing the star this year. The Squash patch is going absolutely crazy and my pumpkins are both big and bright orange already which I am so pleased about. There were a few plants that didn't come to much so I have removed them to allow better air flow around the tight space.

The Brassicas have grown tremendously big, clearly happy with the soil and weather, I have harvested the most cabbages I ever have in one year and the Kale, which has succumbed to some white fly, is still perfectly edible and growing in abundance.

At some point, I will need to fly back to the US so I am keeping on top of clearing and mulching much earlier than usual but we have to look forward to the following seasons and I have to skip straight from Autumn to Spring. The one thing not quite sorted this year as planned is my new compost bin area which really needs to be cleared and built.

There is so much I have learnt from leaving much of my plot to nature this year. I have a wildarea where I intentionally allow nettles and other weedsto grow along with adding in some Foxgloves and Aquilegias. There is some random Chard which pops up all over my plot as well. This little area is purely for insects to enjoy. The herb patch has been flowering away, and absolutely full of bees and butterflies plus the mini pond is now home to a sunbathing Toad. Earlier on in the season as I was away, much of this was allowed to grow without me pruning or tidying. It has been both the most beautiful year for wildlife and the most productive on the plot - so there is definitely something to be said for allowing nature to just be.

Enjoy your late summer/early autumn gardens, dont forget to sow some winter lettuce and oriental greens!

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