Hawkwell Herbology: Herbs for Christmas

Hawkwell Herbology: Herbs for Christmas

Sara is full of ideas - easy ways to get hits of fresh herby flavours in your festive food.

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Herbs are clever. They give you a seasonal larder of flavours. I adore citrussy flavours - lemons, oranges. And I like them all year round. Well that is fine because herbs allow for that, despite the fact that not every herb appears every season.

My Autumn/Winter citrus flavoured herbs is Lemon Balm - tough and copes well outdoors. Remember though that is is like Mint - it takes over! My Spring/Summer citrussy herbs is Lemon Verbena - a tender soul at its best in Spring/Summer. Both give me an amazing lemon flavour at the appropriate time of the year for that herb to be at its seasonal best.

I don't particularly enjoy Garden Sages unless they are VERY well cooked. Perfect therefore for Autumn/Winter slow cooked dishes. Whereas I love the Tangerine/Pineapple Sages which have a real tang for me. So I use my fruit Sages in Spring/Summer when I enjoy lighter flavours. Sages all year round, appropriate to their seasonal best.

And you may well be doing a fair bit of baking and cooking over the Christmas period. Make life easy for yourself

Just think about what your Autumn/Winter herbs will be and bring them near to the back door/onto your window ledge if you can. Rosemary, Garden Sages, Lemon Balm, Winter Savory, Hyssops, Lovage.
Lemon Thyme

If you DO fancy some flavours of Spring and Summer, get all of your herb oils so they are easily accessible. Similarly make sure your herb butters or frozen herbs (in oil, ,butter or water) ready to the front of your fridge freezer. They may well be the Spring/Summer herbs that you cut over that time when they were at their best so you CAN still have the flavours of Spring and Summer even if it is mid Winter.

Herbs preserved in oil

I love using my herb butters (frozen and defrosted) on veggies which come straight out of the ground at our allotment. The other day we had turnips - gently fried in a herb butter containing Golden Marjoram which I had made during the Summer months. It was so quick to make. This photo shows you the sliced turnips (as well as them raw - so peppery!, and roasted - so sweet!)

Turnips served with herbs

And potatoes, of whatever variety, always benefit from a large herb butter dressing.

Potatoes with herb dressing

So, action stations everyone, for a smooth run up to Christmas baking. Winter herbs in pots easily accessible. A hint of Spring/Summer preserved herbs at the ready. Winter herb larder ready for the off. Off you go!



Find out more about Sara and Hawkwell Herbs by going to her website - https://hawkwellherbs.co.uk/ - or finding her on social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram




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