Flower Farmer's Blog: Pest Patrol

Flower Farmer's Blog: Pest Patrol

Fran is on pest patrol! As the flowers start to grow, so too do the critters!

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It’s been a bit of a scorcher over the last two weeks although the nights have been clear and cool. The poor Rhino is heating up early in the morning and has to have its windows and vents wide open all day.

The dahlias have been potted up and growing on in the greenhouse for quite a while now, although they seemed a little slower than expected which was puzzling me. While I was having a bit of a tidy and clear out I decided to do some checking in and under the plant pots. As suspected there were lots of snails and tiny slugs under most of the pots, tucked away in the watering holes and corners. The darned things had been keeping the shoots nibbled right down to the tubers. I removed them all and within 24 hrs the plants were showing good growth and beginning to romp away, as they should have been. I suspect it wont make much difference. I now realise that the slugs and snails have been responsible for quite a bit of nibbling in the greenhouse, such as snap dragon seedlings disappearing. The moral of this one is that if you've provided good growing conditions seeds and plants will grow unless something is stopping them. Have a good check, you might be surprised. I dont like to use slug pellets, but sometimes find it is worth it on freshly sown seed trays that are hanging up on the shelving out of the way.


Dahlias in pots lined up on shelving May

Dahlias all lined up on shelving after having slugs and snails removed from the bottoms of their pots

Most nights, roundabout midnight, I am also checking my outdoor plants for slugs and snails, and removing them. They had started felling the lupins and larkspur like lumberjacks and other things were getting seriously nibbled.

I'm now happy to report that flowers are finding their way into bouquets and jam jars for customers wanting to send flowers to friends and family. It's like sending someone a hug especially during the current lockdown period.


Jam jar of seasonal flowers

Fragrant jam jar filled with peonies, roses, cornflowers, Spirea, sweet William, sweet peas and briza maxima


How is your garden looking? Are you picking yourself, or someone else, a bunch of flowers and bringing some fragrance indoors?

There is lots to pick at the moment and some of the flowers will flower again if you cut them. I have chopped the main flower off our foxgloves to bring on the flowering side shoots and the lupins seem to appreciate a chance to develop their side shoots too. I’m even cutting the peonies, but for most people that's a step too far which is wholly understandable.

Don't forget to cut some flowers, they are such a pick-me up, and everyone will be able to admire your handiwork.


Follow the flowers and happy gardening.



More bouquets of La-Di Dardy loveliness


If you'd like to find out more about La-Di Dardy Flowers, you can find them on Instagram or go to https://www.flowersfromthefarm.co.uk/members/la-di-dardy-flowers

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